Published on 16th September 2016 by Roya

6th October 2017 UPDATE: final UKCAT scores for 2018 entry have now been released! Find out what they are here.

This blog was published in September 2016 for 2017 entry. To view interim UKCAT scores for 2018 entry, please click here.

Have you already sat the UKCAT? Or are you still waiting for your test date? Either way, we’ve got some exciting news to help you choose what your post-UKCAT next-steps should be.

The official UKCAT website has just released the interim average UCAT scores for candidates sitting the test before the 11th September 2016.

Up to this date, 10,431 candidates had taken the UKCAT. You can use the tables below to see how competitive your UKCAT score is. It is important to note, however, that despite the figures below showing higher averages than last year, some candidates are yet to take the test. Therefore, these figures may change.

The full and final UKCAT test averages for this application cycle will be published in early October 2016.

Here’s a breakdown of the results so far

Verbal Reasoning Quantitative ReasoningAbstract ReasoningTotal Score
Mean 2016 (to 11 Sept 2016)5847056421931
Mean 2015 (end of testing)5776856401902

What decile are you in?

The table below shows preliminary deciles for this year’s application cycle. Take note that with more candidates still to sit the UKCAT, the decile scores may shift.

In 2015 the total score was calculated from the 4 subtests (Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Decision Analysis). However, with the 2016 UKCAT test Decision Making subtest replacing Decision Analysis, the ‘Total Score 2015 (end of testing)’ column shows scores without Decision Analysis marks to enable easy comparison.

DecileTotal Score (to 11 Sept 2016)Total Score 2015 (end of testing)

What should you do now?

Didn’t do as well as you had hoped? Don’t worry! There is still time for you to get your BMAT up to scratch, and we’ve got some great learning tools to help you boost your score:

If you have got a great UKCAT score, then well done! Check out our BMAT resources above if you’re applying to BMAT universities, but if not, it’s time to wait for those interview offers to roll in!

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