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The UKCAT can be like a maze; if you don’t have a helpful UKCAT revision guide, you’re likely to get lost! Don’t fret. We can give you some directions. We thought it might be helpful to give you some absolutely essential ‘Must Do’ top tips for your UKCAT preparation and the exam itself.

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UKCAT Revision Guide – Tip 1: Get to know the ‘theory’

The UKCAT might be better described as five subtests rather than just one test. Each subtest tests different skills and concepts. Get familiar with these concepts. For example, know how to spot when certain tricks, like outside knowledge, are being played on you in verbal reasoning. Or how to quickly rearrange the key formulae in quantitative reasoning. Make sure you get to know the theory and tricks for each subsection, otherwise you might be left bamboozled on the day. Nothing feels worse than looking at question and not knowing what to do!

UKCAT Revision Guide – Tip 2: Practise questions

There’s no point knowing the theory inside-out if you don’t practice how to apply it in the time allowed. So, do as many questions as you can for each section. You can never do too many! Don’t be discouraged if you keep getting questions wrong. Sometimes that’s the best way to learn. Understand why you got it wrong and learn from your mistakes. Practice makes perfect!

UKCAT Revision Guide – Tip 3: Be conscious of time

Not only do you have to get your answers correct, but you have to be quick about it too! The UKCAT is incredibly tight for time. Some sections, like verbal reasoning, are more pressured than others. So when practising questions, time yourself! If you don’t keep to time, you won’t finish the section, missing valuable potential marks.

UKCAT Revision Guide – Tip 4: Use the flag function

It’s not just about getting questions right. Every question is worth 1 mark, so you also need to answer enough questions to get a good score. As such, strategy is essential. Learn how to use the flag function. Only apply the flag to questions you genuinely think you can do if you have spare time at the end. When you encounter particularly tricky questions, make an educated guess, flag and move on. If you get bogged down, you risk losing too much time, preventing you from completing the section and as a result lowering your mark.

UKCAT Revision Guide – Tip 5: Take care of yourself

Make sure you unwind a little the night before, but not too much! Get a good night’s sleep. Arrive refreshed and ready for battle. At 2 hours in duration, the exam is mentally exhausting. You don’t want to run out of steam an hour into the test just because you are extremely hungry or tired from lack of sleep. So eat and rest! And watch out for coffee. Once you start the test you can’t stop. So if you need to run to the loo the timer will keep going – so make sure you use the loo before!

As we’ve seen the key to success is a combination of knowledge, strategy and execution. As Morris Chang said ‘without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless’.

Good luck!

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