The 5 Best UCAT Prep Courses Compared (Australia)

6th June 2023

Compare and contrast five different UCAT prep course providers for Australia, so you can choose the best option for you.

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5 Tips For Starting Your UCAT ANZ Prep

24th May 2022

Follow these tips to start preparing for the UCAT ANZ and increase your chances of getting a high UCAT score.

UCAT ANZ Isn’t Just For Australia And New Zealand

12th April 2022

If you're sitting the UCAT ANZ, did you know that you can use your score to apply for Medicine in the UK too?

4 Things To Do Before Booking UCAT ANZ

22nd March 2022

Are you planning to sit the UCAT ANZ? Here are the key things you need to consider before booking your test.

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Which UCAT ANZ Test Date Should I Book?

2nd March 2021

You have a month in which to take the UCAT ANZ test - so which test date should you book?

5 Ways to Get Involved At Medical School in Australia

13th January 2021

A Med Student in Australia tells us their top tips for getting involved at Medical School.

How To Create A Good ATAR Revision Timetable

1st September 2020

Try these tips to plan a decent ATAR revision timetable and help your final year of high school in Australia go more smoothly


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