1st April 2021
Christy Sit is an international student who’s studying Medicine at UNSW. In this blog, she outlines how the UCAT ANZ can open doors in the UK – and outlines some tips on what to think about when considering studying abroad.

Your UCAT ANZ Score Is International

If you’re based in Australia and New Zealand and taking the UCAT ANZ, it’s worth knowing that you can also use your results to apply to 30 UCAT universities in the UK!

Unfortunately, the opposite does not apply to any Brits wanting to study in Australia and New Zealand. In that case, students should sit the UCAT ANZ instead.

The reason is simply down to timing. The tests are the same, but ANZ test is designed to meet the admissions deadline in Australia and New Zealand, which is earlier than in the UK.

Studying Abroad: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

There can be many reasons why you’re considering applying to study Medicine in the UK. British Medical Schools have excellent reputations for the quality of teaching, training and research internationally.

Needless to say, applying to UK UCAT unis also boosts your chances of getting into Medicine without the hassle of taking more admissions test – who wouldn’t take that?!

The UK also has a different healthcare system called the NHS, which you may want to gain some exposure to, especially if you’re passionate about global healthcare. You may also be interested in learning and delving into the UK culture!

Plus, another thing to consider is that a UK-trained general practitioner can work in Australia.


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How To Apply In The UK

To apply in the UK, you need to use the centralised platform called UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). You can only apply to a maximum of four medicine courses and an additional non-medicine course. Note that the deadline for applying to Medical Schools via UCAS is different from standard applications, and is actually 15 October 2021.

When you’re applying from Australia and New Zealand – or anywhere outside of the UK – you need to consider your fee status and the non-UK entry and language requirements, all of which should be listed on each individual university’s official website. Additionally, you could check whether student scholarship or funding for international students is available at your chosen universities.

Another thing to be aware of is the fact that there’s a quota on the number of international students that UK Medical Schools can admit. This makes competition higher, which means that you might want to apply strategically or strengthen your application with academic merits and extra-curricular commitments – and make sure your UCAT score is as high as possible!

You Also Need To Get Your Score Shared With UK Unis

To deliver your UCAT ANZ results to your chosen UK Med Schools, you need to complete a form on the official UCAT website by 17 October 2021. The UKCAT ANZ Office will then share it with the UKCAT (UK) office in early November.

The form isn’t available until September, but you should check the UCAT site for details closer to the time.


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