12th April 2022
Christy Sit is an international student who’s studying Medicine at UNSW. In this blog, she outlines how the UCAT ANZ can open doors not just in Australia and New Zealand but in the UK too.

What Is The Difference Between UCAT ANZ And UCAT?

There is no difference between the UCAT ANZ and the UCAT. They are the same admissions test and follow the same format, including Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgement.

Your UCAT ANZ Score Is International

If you’re taking the UCAT ANZ to apply for Medicine in Australia and/or New Zealand, it’s worth knowing that you can also use your score to apply to UCAT universities in the UK!

Unfortunately, the opposite does not apply to Brits who want to study in Australia and New Zealand. The reason for this is timing. Although the two tests are the same, UCAT ANZ is designed to meet the admissions deadline for Medicine in Australia and New Zealand, which is earlier than in the UK.


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Studying Abroad: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

If you’re sitting the UCAT ANZ, there are many reasons to consider applying for Medicine in the UK as well as Australia and/or New Zealand. British Medical Schools have excellent reputations for their quality of teaching, training and research internationally.

Needless to say, doing this would also give you more options and boost your chances of getting into Medicine – without the hassle of taking more admissions tests. Another thing to consider is that a UK-trained GP can work in Australia.

The UK has a healthcare system called the NHS, which you should familiarise yourself with before applying to British Med Schools, especially if you’re passionate about global healthcare. You might also want to do some research into UK culture and student life!

How To Apply

To apply in the UK, you need to use UCAS. You can apply to a maximum of four Med Schools, plus you have a fifth choice which is an additional non-Medicine university course.

When you’re applying from Australia and New Zealand (or anywhere outside of the UK), you need to consider your fee status and the non-UK entry and language requirements, all of which should be listed on each university’s website. You could also check whether any scholarships or funding are available for international students at your chosen universities.

Another important thing to know is that UK Med Schools have a quota on the number of international students they can admit. This means there is a lot of competition. You’ll need to ensure your application is as strong as possible, apply strategically, and achieve a high UCAT score!

Sharing Your Score With UK Universities

To get your UCAT ANZ score shared with your chosen UK Med Schools, you’ll need to complete a form on the official UCAT website by 17th October. This form should be available from early September.

The UK office will then obtain your score from the UCAT ANZ office and share it with your chosen UK universities in early November.


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