2nd March 2021
If you’re thinking about when to book your UCAT ANZ test, there are a few things you need to consider…

Your UCAT ANZ Preparation

We’d say that UCAT ANZ preparation takes around six weeks – so we’d recommend making sure you book your test date at a time when you can block off roughly six weeks of regular revision beforehand.

So – how should you structure your preparation?

We recommend four weeks of regular revision and completing UCAT practice questions, followed by two weeks of intense revision, like sitting mocks, before you tackle the exam.


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Other Commitments in July

Do you have other commitments in July? For example, if you have a family holiday lined up, or weeks of medical work experience, in the first few weeks of July, then it may be better to postpone your test until later in the month when you have more time to prepare.

Your Revision Style

Do you prefer to revise in regular bursts for a short period of time, or to revise for shorter periods over a longer time frame? This will likely inform your decision when booking your UCAT ANZ test.

It also depends on how good you are at multitasking. For example, if you have a lot of other commitments to juggle over July – for example, extracurricular activities, work placements or a part-time job – you’ll need to make sure you can fit in UCAT preparation comfortably around these things.

Test Centre Availability

If you want to sit your test at a specific centre (the one closest to where you live, for example), this may dictate the date you book your test.

While many of the largest UCAT ANZ centres (such as Perth, Melbourne and Sydney) are open for the whole month, it’s worth bearing in mind that some centres are only open at specific times during July.

So if you’d ideally like to sit your test in one of these locations, you’ll need to book your test on one of the dates they’re open. Once you’ve registered, a full list of dates will be visible to you.


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