Two smartly dressed people shaking hands at an interview to demonstrate difficult interview questions

The 3 Most Difficult Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

8th January 2019

From 'why not nursing?' to 'what are your weaknesses?', here's how to answer the most difficult interview questions.

MMI Stations Interview

Dos and Don’ts While Waiting Between MMI Stations

11th December 2018

What should you definitely do while waiting between MMI interview stations? Our helpful tips cover how to manage your stress levels and stay confident...

MMI Role Play

5 MMI Role-Play Strategies

3rd December 2018

Keep in mind these key strategies when you approach your MMI role-play stations and you'll do great!

online mmi

7 Tips For MMI Success

19th October 2015

We've pulled together our seven best tips for MMI success - with some updates for online MMIs and details on how to prepare


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