9th November 2020
One of the more notorious things about interviews is the creativity and imagination questions. But if you stay calm and talk the interviewer through your thought process, you can tackle any of these more unusual interview questions with grace.

Talk Through Your Thought Process

Interviewers want you to demonstrate your thought process in a difficult situation, which is why they might ask you some challenging creativity questions. It will feel unnatural at first, but talking aloud as you think is the key to acing this type of question.

For example, to answer a question like, ‘how many toothbrushes are there in London?’, you might consider (aloud):

  • How many people are there in London? How many of these will own a toothbrush?
  • What about toothbrushes that are waiting to be sold? How many could there be sat in warehouses?

By establishing these factors, you’re demonstrating to your interviewers that you can think logically about a difficult problem – and you are also giving yourself guidelines for numbers to calculate.


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Don’t Worry About The Answer

The answer is the least important part of creativity questions. Focus your energy on showing your thinking, rather than trying to get an accurate, correct answer.

More importantly – don’t be afraid of being wrong. The questions are designed to be challenging and most people won’t know the exact numbers involved.

When it comes to numerical questions, your figures don’t need to be completely accurate, just reasonable Make an intelligent estimate and explain how you calculated that figure. For example, if you’re asked how many words there are in a book, you should:

  • Think about how many words are on a single page, for example, twenty lines at ten words each equals 200 words per page
  • Calculate how many pages may be in an average book
  • Be kind to yourself by choosing rounded numbers that are easier to work with
  • Do some quick maths

Think Outside The Box

With all creativity questions, it will impress your interviewers to see that you’re capable of looking at a problem from all angles. This can be tricky, especially if you’re anxious, but remember to stay calm and take a few moments to compose yourself or consider your answer.

For example, in a question on ‘how different would the world be if the wheel wasn’t invented?’ you could think about transport – but you could also think about other uses of wheels. For example:

  • How would the absence of wheels affect electricity production and machinery?
  • How about mills?
  • Where else are wheels used?

Practice Example Questions

One of the best ways to prepare for your interview is to familiarise yourself with some questions in advance. This gives you a chance to get used to the weird and wonderful questions you could be asked, and practice your strategy for answering.

Test Your Knowledge

Wrap-up your practice with our creativity questions quiz and see how much you’ve learnt.


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