what to wear to medical school interview

What To Wear To A Medical School Interview

6th March 2024

If you're wondering what you should wear to your Medical School interview, we asked a medical student for their advice.

drug calculations

How To Do Drug Calculations At Your Interview

14th February 2024

Drug calculations are included in many Med School interviews. Here's a guide to approaching these types of questions.

Med School Offer (Credit: Getty Images)

When Are Medical School Offers 2024 Being Sent Out?

16th January 2024

Some medical schools send offers out as early as January, while some will only update UCAS towards May when the interview cycle is complete.


Interview Tips: How To Talk About Teamwork

Find out how to answer teamwork questions and demonstrate that you're a team player at your Medical School interview.

Empathy vs Sympathy

The Difference Between Empathy vs Sympathy

10th December 2023

What's the difference between sympathy and empathy? Find out the key difference here and why it's vital knowledge.

Interview Tips: How To Discuss Your Work Experience

4th December 2023

Work experience is very likely to come up at your Medical School interview, so these tips will help you to discuss and reflect on it.

Breaking bad news MMI

Tips For Breaking Bad News MMI Stations

16th November 2023

Breaking bad news is a lot of pressure, so here are some tips to help you ace this type of MMI station at your interview.

When Are Med School Interview Invites Being Sent Out?

10th November 2023

See a list of when we expect each Med School to send their interview invites - updated regularly!

6 Tips To Tackle MMI Role Play Stations

2nd November 2023

Role play MMI stations can be daunting, so here are some top tips from a medical student at Imperial College London.

MMI stress

Top 10 MMI Interview Tips

24th October 2023

Use these top 10 MMI tips to ace your interview and boost your chances of getting into Medical School.


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