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28th April 2020


Panel Interview And MMI Mistakes To Avoid

17th January 2020

Hopefully, by now, your interview preparations are well underway, but if not, don’t worry! We have compiled a list of the most common mistakes to make at interviews, whether that be MMI or panel! Mistake #1) Not researching the university Turning up to your interview without having done enough research on that University is a…

Nine Last Minute Interview Tips

13th January 2020

Congratulations! You’ve been invited to a medical school interview. You have worked so hard to meet all the entry requirements. Now the next hurdle between you and that precious offer is this nerve-racking interview. That email popped into your inbox faster than you had expected. You are feeling butterflies in your stomach. This article aims…

Discussing Work Experience In Interviews

Work experience is really important for giving you an insight into what working in the field of medicine involves. This is a vital part of preparing for medical school and showing that you are committed to one day working as a doctor. Therefore, it is quite likely and very reasonable that you could be asked…

interview preparation tips

Interview Preparation Tips – Part Two

26th November 2019

This is Part Two in a series on interview preparation tips, practical advice and games on how to prepare for your medical school interview, covering all interview question types and different learning styles. You can see Part One here. 1. Create flashcards for different questions This is ideal practice for verbalising your answers to a…

Breaking bad news MMI

How to Approach Breaking Bad News in an MMI Station

18th November 2019

Breaking bad news to a patient might be the most dreaded MMI station. It is really difficult to know how you would do this in real life, let alone in a short station of less than ten minutes. The actors are employed to be realistic but also to test you and could overreact to anything…

Interview Preparation Tips – Part One

Finding it difficult to practise for your interview? We’ve created a range of interview preparation tips, including practical advice, games and tips on how to prepare for the day, covering all interview question types and different learning styles. This blog is Part One – stay tuned for Part Two soon! 1. Make mind maps for…

A person is interviewed for medical school

Five Medical School Interview Tips I Wish I’d Known

13th November 2019

Medical school interviews can be absolutely terrifying, especially if you’ve never been in an interview scenario before – it’s hard to know what to expect and people often panic about not being able to answer questions. Don’t worry though, as I’ve put together some tips for you based on the things that I wish I’d…

Insider Tips Impressing Interviewers

Impress Your Medical School Interviewer

You’ve done all the hard work and finally received an interview for medical school. Interviews can be very daunting, but by preparing well and remembering a few important pieces of advice, you can succeed! Here, one student who has experience on both sides of the medical school panel gives her top tips on how to…

Medical ethics scenario questions

How to Answer a Medical Ethics Scenario Question

8th November 2019

One thing that medical schools often like to test in an interview is your knowledge of medical ethics and your ability to talk your way through an ethical scenario. Medical schools might test this by giving you a scenario to prepare beforehand, but often they will just give you an ethical question or scenario on…


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