Interview Tips: Knowledge of Medical School

17th January 2023

Follow these tips to showcase your knowledge of the Medical School you're interviewing for and explain why you applied there.

Interview Tips: How To Talk About Your Strengths & Weaknesses

10th January 2023

Use these top tips from an Imperial student to discuss your strengths and weaknesses at Med School interviews.

Interview Tips: How To Demonstrate Motivation

Follow these Medical School interview tips to demonstrate that you're truly motivated to get into Medicine.

Top Tips For Medicine Interview Etiquette

5th January 2023

Follow these interview etiquette tips from a medical student at Imperial College London to improve your interview performance.

things to do before interview

5 Things To Do The Day Before Your Interview

Do these things the day before your Medical School interview to make sure you're fully prepared and boost your chances of success.

10 Books To Read Before Your Medical School Interview

14th December 2022

Whether you're looking for insight into the life of a Doctor or a patient perspective, read these books before your interview.

volunteering child covid-19

5 Tips For Talking About Volunteering At Interview

7th December 2022

Follow these tips to discuss volunteering at your Medical School interview and reflect on what you learned from the experience.

What To Wear To A Medical School Interview

6th December 2022

If you're wondering what you should wear to your Medical School interview, we asked a medical student for their advice.

21-Step Medical School Interview Prep Checklist

22nd November 2022

Are you really ready for your Medical School interview? Make sure you go through this 21-step checklist before the big day!

4 Tips For MMI Resilience And Probity Stations

Prepare for MMI resilience and probity stations at your Medical School interview with these four tips from a medical student.


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