2nd November 2020
It’s common to get some motivation questions during your Med School interview. These tips will help you think about how you can show off your burning desire to become a Doctor and ace your panel interview or MMI.

Work Experience Shows Motivation

Doing work experience is one of the most important ways in which you can figure out if a career in Medicine is really for you. It will be useful to try and get as many different experiences as possible, so you can get an insight into what it’s like for medics day-to-day.

Think about:

  • What are the highs? What are the lows?
  • Will you enjoy it?
  • Why has your experience helped confirm a career in a caring profession is for you?
  • What were you most excited by and what were the challenges?

Being able to talk about this shows you’ve really thought about your future career, and you’re motivated to study Medicine.


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Speak to Junior Doctors

Try to speak to Junior Doctors and get an understanding of the reality of studying Medicine and training to be a Doctor.

This will let you show the admissions tutors you have a realistic idea of life as a Doctor, that you accept there will be challenges in your career, but that you think the good things outweigh the bad.

By responding to medical interview questions confidently and proving you know what you are getting yourself into, you’re showing the interviewers that you’ve got the necessary coping mechanisms to deal with the challenges to come.

Speak to Medical students

Talk to existing Med students to get an idea of the kinds of things they are learning and what their life is like. What are the good and bad points? Try and get a range of opinions if you can. Ask your school if they are in contact with any previous Medical School applicants from previous years and try asking them what kind of medical interview questions they had.

Keep Up-To-Date With Current Affairs

Make sure you’re aware of the key hot topics affecting Medicine – and stay abreast of current affairs. Having an interest in the area of Health helps demonstrate your motivation for Medicine. 

Practice Background and Motivation Questions

Take a look at example questions – and guides on how to answer them. When you’re ready, try our quiz to see how prepared you are for these questions.


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