20th January 2022
Med School interviews are probably unlike anything you’ve ever done before, so it’s natural to feel a little daunted. Here are some interview etiquette tips from Avi to help you impress your interviewers and boost your chances of success.

Don’t be late

Whether your interview is online or in person, it’s crucial that you are on time – if not early!

If you are travelling to your interview, you don’t want to arrive flustered and sweaty after rushing to get there. I recommend allowing at least 20 minutes of relaxation before the interview to collect your thoughts, drink some water and compose yourself. 

If you’re doing an online interview, you don’t want to be held up by issues with your internet connection or your surroundings. Make sure you’re sitting comfortably in a quiet, distraction-free room with stable internet connectivity. The Med School should send you specific instructions about the interview in advance, and you may need to use software that you haven’t used before. Ensure that you set aside ample time to go through all of the instructions and to familiarise yourself with the software (downloading it and creating an account if needed), so that you’ll reduce unnecessary stress and be prepared on interview day.


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Make sure you research the university

Exploring the university’s website before your interview will help you in showing that you’re enthusiastic and truly interested in attending their Med School. 

During an MMI or a panel interview, you could be asked to explain your reasons for choosing that specific Med School. You should be able to discuss the Med School’s teaching style (plus how it suits you) and any unique features of the course, as well as the university’s societies and extracurricular activities which interest you. How would you be a valuable member of the Med School, and how would you contribute to the wider student community? 

Having knowledge of the Med School should also boost your confidence that this is the place where you want to spend the next few years. In turn, this passion should shine through at your interview!

Turn your phone off

In 2022, our phones tend to follow us everywhere we go. So it can be easy to forget about your phone – and then it ends up pinging, buzzing or repeatedly lighting up during your interview. 

Think about the implications of this. It will be distracting for both you and the interviewer, and they might think that it’s rude. So, here’s your reminder – turn it off!

Make a good first impression

Remember that the Med School has invited you to interview because they want to get to know you – and making a good first impression is vital to your success. 

Maintain positive body language with good posture, and try not to slouch. Think about the importance of eye contact with your interviewer (or your camera if the interview is online). Dress comfortably and professionally, and ensure good lighting for online interviews. Always be polite, and be friendly yet professional with your opening and closing greetings. Importantly, don’t forget to smile!

Don’t overthink your performance 

Having put so much work into your interview prep, it can be easy to over-analyse your every answer after the interview. You might find yourself thinking about what else you could have said, or how you could have expressed yourself differently. 

Try to avoid falling into this trap. You could do something small to celebrate after you’ve completed your interview, because this will give you something to look forward to and should also help to reduce stress on the day. Take some time to celebrate and relax, before thinking about what to do next.


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