6th December 2021
At your Medical School interview, you’ll need to show that you understand the course – and that you would be a good fit there. That’s why knowledge of Medical School questions crop up so often. These tips will help you to breeze through those common interview questions.

Research The Medical School

There are many Medical Schools in the UK, so what compelled you to apply to the specific ones that you chose?

Medical Schools will want to know why you’re interested in studying there, so it’s important to have an answer! Try to steer clear of generic responses that involve talking about the Medical School’s ranking or saying that your friends are applying there too.

Instead, take the time to research the Medical School – what makes it different from others? Are there any unique research or placement opportunities that excite you? Think about why this particular Medical School is a good fit for you.


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Speak To A Medical Student At That University

What better way to gain insight than by talking to a Medical student at the university you’re applying to? They can provide information about:

  • The course itself
  • Workload expectation and pressure
  • Clinical placement experiences
  • General advice about adapting to Medical School/university life

Perhaps you know someone who is studying at the Medical School where you’ve secured an interview and can reach out to them. If not, don’t worry! Check out the UCAS website – it has the option to chat with students.

Not only will this give you more insight, it will also demonstrate to interviewers that you have taken initiative to learn more about the Medical School and therefore have a genuine interest in studying there.

Think About What You Can Offer The Medical School

Whilst it’s crucial to consider why the Medical School is a good fit for you, thinking about what you can bring to the School is equally important. Interviewers want to know why they should select you above other applicants.

Here are some things to think about when considering why you are a good fit for a particular Medical School:

  • Strong qualities you possess in both academic and non-academic settings
  • How you could become an active contributor to the Medical School/university in general

Remember, it is a fine balance between being confident in yourself and being cocky. Use realistic and personalised examples, rather than making grand claims about what you will accomplish when you are at Medical School.


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Do Not Underestimate Extracurricular Activities

This may seem like a strange one at first, but interviewers will likely be curious to know what extracurricular activities you plan to take part in whilst at Medical School.

The purpose of this question is to find out whether you are someone who can juggle the pressures of Medical School and also make time for non-academic commitments. Candidates who can do this demonstrate good time management, which is a key skill for Doctors to have.

If there are any new sports or activities you are keen to try, mention them! It’s always a plus to show interviewers that you are open-minded and willing to try unfamiliar things.

Practise Tricky Questions

One of the best ways to prepare for your interview is to practise answering tricky questions.

Check out our guide to knowledge of Med School questions with top tips on how to answer them.



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