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Skype Multi Mini Interview (MMI) – All You Need To Know 

28th April 2020

Professor Olwyn Westwood of Brunel Medical School, Brunel University London, provides some top tips for preparing for a Skype MMI. Many medical schools are now using the Multi Mini Interview (MMI) format – as the name suggests, it is designed so that you have a number of short interviews, using a range of different interviewers…

5 Things You Should Know Before Starting Med School

17th February 2020

Congratulations! You’re officially going to medical school! But, how long does that feeling of security last before you realise you don’t know what medical school is actually like? Neither of my parents are physicians so I had to find out whilst in medical school. Although I certainly received guidance from mentors along the way, there…

Top Tips For Choosing Medical Schools in the UK

5th February 2020

Professor Olwyn Westwood from Brunel University London, Medical School provides some top tips for choosing a medical school in the UK. Choosing the right medical school can be tricky – there are so many choices. Much will depend on your predicted academic grades, your willingness to travel away from home, what you want personally from…

Films Aspiring Medics Should Watch

4th February 2020

In between attending classes, revision and getting on with your medical school application, it’s important to make time for yourself. This is crucial so you don’t eventually feel burnt out. Medical schools will be looking out for candidates who can demonstrate capabilities to balance workload and free time.  Picking a downtime that ties into medicine…

New Year’s Resolutions for Aspiring Medics

16th December 2019

The new year can be a great time to make some new resolutions, especially if they will help you to achieve your goals. You could be interviewing at your dream med school or at medical school by September! This probably feels so far away right now, and you might understandably be apprehensive. As an aspiring…

Medical school Manchester

Diaries of a Manchester Medical Student – Part Two

21st November 2019

We asked a student studying at medical school in Manchester to document a typical week in their life of studying medicine. Read the second part to find out what they experienced this time and to keep up to date with their exciting life at medical school. Monday 4th November As always, an early start was…

Medical ethics scenario questions

How to Answer a Medical Ethics Scenario Question

8th November 2019

One thing that medical schools often like to test in an interview is your knowledge of medical ethics and your ability to talk your way through an ethical scenario. Medical schools might test this by giving you a scenario to prepare beforehand, but often they will just give you an ethical question or scenario on…

David Brill Making a Medic

Q&A with David Brill – Author of Making a Medic

7th November 2019

David Brill is a Foundation Year 2 Doctor junior doctor at the Royal Free Hospital in north London. He studied medicine at St George’s, University of London from 2014-2018, graduating with three distinctions and one merit. He has written a new book called Making a Medic: The Ultimate Guide to Medical School. covering everything you need…

Medical school Manchester

Diaries of a Manchester Medical Student – Part One

23rd October 2019

We asked a student studying at medical school in Manchester to document a typical week in their life of studying medicine. Find out what they experienced, from PBL sessions to anatomy classes and everything in between. Monday 7th October An early start is always the case on Mondays, as I live at home and so…

mmi interview tips

Top Six Tips MMI Interview Tips

22nd October 2019

Receiving an interview offer to medical school is literally one foot in the door to that official offer to study medicine. With that in mind, you know attending an MMI is filled with pressure, anticipation, and a high amount of career achieving goals at stake. If you’re looking for MMI interview tips to help you…


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