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2021 new year resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions for Aspiring Medics

15th November 2020

      1. 2. Words: Safiya Zaloum Applying to Medicine? Book a space on our Interview Course!

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Interview Tips: How to Demonstrate Your Interest in Medicine

9th November 2020

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personal statement for medicine

Personal Statement for Medicine: Top 5 Traits

25th August 2020

  In this blog, we go over the top 5 personal statement traits that admissions tutors love! There is no guaranteed formula for success. But the following list of personal statement ‘must-haves’ comes from doctors, admissions tutors and education professionals with years of experience. Want expert feedback on your personal statement? Get your statement reviewed by…

student who hasn't received a-level requirements for medicine

What to do if you don’t get the A-level requirements for Medicine

5th August 2020

As it gets closer to A-level results day, anxiety begins to set in and you may find yourself asking the question, “What if I don’t get the A-level requirements for medicine?” Hopefully, this blog will help you to feel a little more relaxed and ensure you have a back-up plan if things don’t go the…

Watch live organ dissections with Operating Theatre Live

16th July 2020

  We’ve partnered with Operating Theatre Live to bring you a unique opportunity to boost your med school application. Pull up front-row seats and watch live dissections of real organ specimens every week. It’s your chance to learn more than ever before about the incredible structure of the human body. You can join the award-winning…

Brunel Medical School on Skype MMIs

28th April 2020


4 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Med School

5 Things You Should Know Before Starting Med School

17th February 2020

Congratulations! You’re officially going to medical school! But, how long does that feeling of security last before you realise you don’t know what medical school is actually like? Neither of my parents are physicians so I had to find out whilst in medical school. Although I certainly received guidance from mentors along the way, there…

Top Tips For Choosing Medical Schools in the UK

5th February 2020

Professor Olwyn Westwood from Brunel University London, Medical School provides some top tips for choosing a medical school in the UK. Choosing the right medical school can be tricky – there are so many choices. Much will depend on your predicted academic grades, your willingness to travel away from home, what you want personally from…

Films Aspiring Medics Should Watch

4th February 2020

  In between attending classes, revision and getting on with your medical school application, it’s important to make time for yourself. This is crucial so you don’t eventually feel burnt out. Medical schools will be looking out for candidates who can demonstrate capabilities to balance workload and free time.  Picking a downtime that ties into…


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