What Do Caribbean Medical Schools Cost?

The cost of Caribbean Med School is often split into semesters or key stages of study. You’ll also have to factor in the price of other charges like administrative costs, insurance fees, and other costs.

See the full list of tuition fees for AUA here.


Find Out What Studying In The Caribbean Costs

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AUA Fees

How To Fund Your Studies

US students qualify for financial aid and for student loans. However, everyone outside the US isn’t eligible and would need to pay the university directly.

Private Loans

You could take out a private loan to cover the cost of studying Medicine in the Caribbean. You’ll have to pay interest and you’ll need to go through credit checks, which can be challenging for students that haven’t had the opportunity to build a decent credit rating.

International AUA students in years three and four can apply for loans with specialist lenders. Find out more on their website.


There are many scholarship opportunities with Caribbean Medical Schools, so it’s definitely a route worth exploring before you apply.

AUA has more than 20 different scholarships available! Many of these are automatically awarded to students that qualify when they’re accepted and don’t even need to be applied for. Students from the UK are awarded grants of up to $65,000 (USD) to help offset the cost of their education, for example. AUA also offers additional awards, some of which total up to $100,000 (USD)

Visit AUA’s scholarships and grants page to review the full list and learn more.


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