Why I Chose To Study Medicine In The Caribbean

I opted to study Medicine in the Caribbean, and I chose AUA because no other school gave me the opportunity to pursue my dreams of becoming a physician. AUA looked beyond the predicted algorithms of what US Medical Schools perceive to make up a strong candidate and viewed me as an entire individual.

I was judged on my true potential and given a chance to prove I had what it took to complete the rigorous coursework requirements of a Medical education.

My Caribbean University Experience Was Superb

It was my first time living full-time in a country other than the United States. I found the facilities on campus to be state of the art and capable of providing the resources available to me at any other Medical School in the US. The faculty were dedicated to student success and readily available during office hours for further clarification.

The experience of living in Antigua provided a once in a lifetime experience that I continue to reminisce about. The conveniences of home were all readily available on the island, ranging from entertainment to excellent dining options, as well as robust availability of goods from a multitude of well stocked grocery stores in town.


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I Was Able To Return To Practise In The US

Being from the United States, I always envisioned returning back to the US to complete rotations, match into residency, and practise medicine close to home. This was possible after graduating from AUA.

I Completed My Training In The US As Chief Resident

After completion of all my basic science semesters in Antigua, I returned to the US and successfully completed USMLE Step 1 with strong scores. I was then able to complete all of my clinical rotations back-to-back on time and completed multiple audition rotations in 4th year. I was then able to match into the top program of my choice, where I completed training as Chief Resident.

Studying At AUA Paid Dividends

For my dreams, studying at AUA represented the only pathway of becoming a physician. In hindsight, it actually prepared me in ways I did not initially anticipate.

Having the opportunity to live in a foreign country, study a rigorous curriculum, adapt to new surroundings and acclimate to new environments all served me well later when it came to rotations and residency life.

Pushing myself out of my initial comfort zone by opting for the Caribbean ultimately paid back dividends throughout the remainder of my medical education and professional career as a physician.


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