Admissions Tests For Caribbean Med Schools

If you’re based in the US or Canada, you’ll need to sit the MCAT when you apply to a Caribbean Medical School.

If you need to prepare for the MCAT, try Magoosh, which offers full-length MCAT practice tests, customisable study schedules and tutorial videos. You can see their plans here.

Non-US applicants may need to sit the UCAT, GAMSAT or NEET tests. And if English isn’t your first language, you’ll need to sit the IELTS or TOEFL and meet a minimum cut-off score.

Entry Requirements For Non-US Applicants

For specific entry requirements, please check with each individual Caribbean Medical School.

AUA Entry Requirements

American University of Antigua College of Medicine offers a Graduate Entry Medicine programme, which means you’ll need to have a BSc degree from an accredited university before you apply.

AUA doesn’t have any admissions test entry requirements, but this means you need to supply full transcripts from your degree so they can understand your academic background better.

For the pre-Med programme at AUA, the entry requirements are:

  • Qualified high school graduates or students with 4 advanced Levels: Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and English (preferably with grades of A or B) are eligible to complete premedical coursework at AICASA.
  • Non-degree courses can be taken to complete missing prerequisites and/or strengthen academic skills.
  • Graduates receive an Associate of Science (AS) in Health Sciences.
  • AICASA is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), a national accrediting body of degree-granting schools in the US.

American University of Antigua College of Medicine

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Applying to AUA

For your application you will need:

  • Official transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation:
    • Academic source
    • Professional source
  • Passport-sized photo
  • Personal statement
  • Resume/CV
  • Complete application form

You’ll be invited to interview after you complete the application checklist.

It’s worth noting that if you’re applying from Canada and you’re not a US citizen, you won’t need to submit MCAT scores, which are often required by other Caribbean universities.

Find out more about how to apply to a Caribbean Medical School.

AUC Entry Requirements

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) offers a Graduate Entry Medicine programme, so you’ll need to hold a bachelor’s degree with a strong science background in order to apply. Non-US applicants will need to take an admissions test, which can be the MCAT, UCAT, NEET/UG, or GAMSAT.

They have specific guides to the entry requirements for students applying from outside the US, and for anyone who holds a MBBS degree from India.


AUC School of Medicine

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Applying to AUC

For your AUC application you will need:

  • Your official transcripts of every school you previously attended.
  • Your CV.
  • A personal statement of no more than 750 words.
  • Your MCAT, UCAT, NEET/UG, or GAMSAT scores (must be taken within the past 5 years).
  • Two letters of recommendation: one from an academic professor and one professional.
  • If English isn’t your native language, test scores from either the IELTS or TOEFL.

SGU Entry Requirements

For the 4-year Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree program at St. George’s University (SGU), you will need a bachelor’s degree in the requisite sciences.

5-Year MD Pathway (4-Year MD + 1 Year Preclinical) entry requirements:

  • Advanced Levels: Minimum 3 subjects with As and Bs in Biology, Chemistry, and either Maths or Physics. Maths or Physics can be accepted at AS level with a strong non-science third A-Level.
  • Full IB Diploma: Requires a minimum score of 32 points; 3 HL science subjects recommended; minimum of 2 HL subjects required, which must include Chemistry and Biology; results 5 or higher.
  • India 10+2 or CBSE: Minimum of 80% average with no grade below 80% in Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, and English.

6-Year MD Pathway (4-Year MD + 2 Year Preclinical) entry requirements:

  • Secondary school diploma: Strong science performance, SABIS High School.
  • Further education: AS Levels, Baccalaureate, South Africa Matric, Higher School Exam, Irish Leaving Certificate, WASSCE.

7-Year MD Pathway (4-Year MD + 2 Year Preclinical) entry requirements:

  • IGCSE: B or better in minimum 6 subjects, which include Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics and English.

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Applying to SGU

An English exam is required for prospective students if UKVI does not consider their country to be English-speaking. However, if the student obtained an undergraduate degree in any English-speaking country (as per UKVI), they may be considered as an exception.

MCAT admission requirements are exempt for international students. Based on the complexities of different curricula from around the world, SGU does not encourage non-US and non-Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sit the MCAT as it is a US-centric exam.

However, SGU does recommend that international students sit the UCAT. The UCAT is not mandatory, but it provides additional quantitative information on their academic and science foundation.

Entry Requirements For US Applicants

Some Caribbean Medical Schools will specify that you need a certain number of credits from specific subjects when you were earning your bachelor’s degree, while others will be more flexible.

For example, a bachelor’s degree with a strong science background is an AUC prerequisite. Students must have two semesters (eight credit hours, including laboratory) each of college biology and general chemistry.

Applicants must also have two semesters of organic chemistry or biochemistry and one semester of either general physics, calculus, or statistics. On the other hand, AUA is more flexible with its entry requirements for US applicants.


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