BMAT Section 2

BMAT Section 2 requires you to answer 27 multiple choice questions in 30 minutes. It tests your ability to apply scientific knowledge as well as problem-solving skills too. 

You’ll need GCSE-Level Science and Math knowledge for this section. If you haven’t studied physics, you may find the physics questions the hardest. If this is the case, we recommend our science tutoring

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BMAT Section 2: Scientific Knowledge and Applications   

BMAT Section 2 requires you to answer questions on the following topics:

To help students prepare you can access an online ‘textbook’ on the BMAT website. This serves as an excellent revision tool for revising the sciences. But it is important that you spend time working through all the past questions.

Remember that the average BMAT candidate scores in the region of 5.0. The best applicants will score more highly, but 6.0 represents a comparatively high score and only a select few exceptional applicants will achieve BMAT scores higher than 7.0.

BMAT Preparation: How can I prepare for Section 2?

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