Find out how JK Educate tutors help children to reach their potential at school and in exams.

JK Educate

JK Educate is a leading tutoring agency and educational consultancy, founded in 2010 by two teachers and senior school leaders. JK was established to fulfil the vision and belief that every child should be given the opportunity and encouragement to achieve to the best of their ability and potential.

Now led by Managing Director Katie Krais, JK’s unique approach remains the same as ever. They put a strong emphasis on getting to know each student and learning how best to support their individual circumstances and ambitions. This enables them, through a select team of talented and highly qualified tutors, to offer advice, bespoke planning and individual teaching, enabling each student to reach their full potential.

The consultancy operates to support families across London, the UK and globally, offering both face-to-face and online tutoring. Professionalism, integrity and an intense commitment to providing the best possible service underscores everything they do.

Bespoke Tutoring Services

JK Educate has a well-established tutoring track record, including high quality GCSE, A-level, IB and undergraduate tutoring.

They ensure that all tutors are carefully matched. They find the right tutor for each student based on their learning targets, their personality and their individual style of learning. This applies for all students, from the age of 4 right through to university, and ensures a truly bespoke service.

They often work collaboratively with students’ schools to provide just the right level of extra support and challenge. Together, they help students reach their potential and achieve the grades needed to fulfil their onward study and career ambitions.


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Specialist GCSE, A-level, IB and Undergraduate Tutoring

As a premium tutoring agency, the tutors that work with JK Educate to provide tutoring for GCSEs, A-levels or the IB are either experienced teachers or well-trained professional tutors. Most have degrees in the subjects they teach, including some PhD qualified tutors. All of the tutors are interviewed as part of a rigorous selection process. JK checks academic qualifications, certificates and identity documents, and also requires an original Enhanced Disclosure from the DBS, not more than three years old. They take up full reference checks and only retain tutors who receive positive client and student feedback.

JK tutors are trained and monitored by experienced senior teachers, so students are not only being supported by a single tutor but a whole team of educational experts. JK consistently monitors each student’s progress, adapting teaching methods and using bespoke approaches that are most effective for the best A-level, Pre-U and IB results.

With challenging tutorial sessions and guided additional reading or practice, students can be helped to truly excel in their exams. Students experience supported learning that is tailored to their individual needs, focussing on areas of weakness or interest to deepen their knowledge and practise the skills required to get the grades they need to pursue their aims.

JK Educate provides curriculum tutoring combined with effective study and revision skills, plus exam technique. Their tutors are increasingly in demand for ad hoc tutoring. This is sometimes to troubleshoot specific areas of the curriculum in a GCSE or A-level subject, to prepare for end of year exams or mocks, or to help undergraduate students make the leap into that new level of study. They can offer flexible short-term tutoring in this way, or establish long-term tutor-student relationships that bring great results over several years.

Tutoring In Person or Online

Tutoring can take place in person or online, which means students can be matched to the ideal tutor even if they live far apart. The ideal tutor for an individual student in a specific subject may not live close enough for tutoring in person, but they can use the JK Educate interactive online classroom. This tutoring availability online is valuable to overseas students, those who live in the UK but outside London – or even just the opposite side of London from the perfect tutor for their needs!

JK’s online tutoring programme provides a shared screen with an interactive whiteboard, allowing tutors and students to upload documents, write together, see each other and keep a copy of documents.

A-level Tutoring Case Study

Following a disappointing school report, a JK Educate client sought tutoring to help her Year 13 daughter achieve her target grades for university and to highlight any areas that required intervention. The student admitted that she hadn’t been working hard enough, so JK Educate liaised with the client to agree and put in place a checklist that allowed the student to take greater responsibility for her learning and become more accountable.

To best support the student during this critical period in her education, three achievable targets were identified around focus, demonstration of commitment and producing quality work. And to ensure ongoing accountability, the student was asked to assess herself against the three targets and compare it to her tutors’ overall impression after each lesson.

The student worked very well with her new plan for self-assessment, actively reflecting on the quality of her work and progress and becoming more invested in her progress. This resulted in a marked improvement in her retention of knowledge and the quality of her written analysis, and her improved autumn exam results were back on track to meet her predicted grades.

To find out more, please visit www.jkeducate.co.uk or call +44(0)20 3488 0754.


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