Are you living in Ireland and thinking of applying to medical school? This section will provide information for Irish students on how to study Medicine in Ireland – don’t forget to use all the subpages to make the most of the section.

Study Medicine in Ireland: how do I apply?

All Irish medical school applications are processed using the Complete Admissions Office (CAO). An online application costs €40 – although there is a discount of €25 if you submit your application early.

To study Medicine in Ireland, you must register with CAO – this includes filling out your personal details, paying the application fee and creating a password. Don’t forget that if you’re applying to Medicine, this counts as a ‘restricted’ course, which means that you’ll need to apply to CAO early – so double check the deadline in advance of your applications.

At the end of your registration, you will receive your CAO number. After this, you can then enter your qualifications and school details. You will also need to post A4 photocopies (not originals, as these won’t be returned) of your exam qualifications to CAO – you’ll receive instructions on how to do this when you complete your application. You can then select your choices by logging into ‘My Application’ – you can select ‘Add Level 8 course choices’ or ‘Add Level 7/6 course choices’. You can then select ten course choices on each list – the choices you make on one list will not affect the other. All Medicine courses are classified as Level 8.

Study Medicine in Ireland: where can I study?

There are currently five universities offering Medicine programmes in Ireland. These are:

You can also study a range of other Allied Health subjects, such as Dentistry, Physiotherapy or Radiography at different universities.

Study Medicine in Ireland: what are the entry requirements?

All Irish medical schools require that students sit the Health Professions Admissions Test (HPAT) and have a minimum of 480 points – these are converted from your Leaving Certificate grades. For more details, you can visit our table comparing different Irish medical school entry requirements.

Study Medicine in Ireland: how much will it cost?

The good news is that your tuition fees will be paid to your university by Ireland’s Higher Education Authority. This Free Fees Initiative includes all students who have been living in the EU for three years, are studying at undergraduate level for the first time and are studying a full-time course for a minimum of two years.

However, most universities will ask you to pay a yearly Student Contribution Fee  – this will vary from course to course, so make sure you check this on the school’s website, but the fee will be a maximum of €3,000.

In Ireland, the Student Grant is the main source of financial aid – you can check your eligibility for this here. If you’re applying for this grant, you must also indicate this on your CAO form – and CAO will then send your identification details to the grant authority, Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI). While these details will be sent by CAO, don’t forget that you’ll still need to register with SUSI and fill in an online application form to apply for this grant to help with your studies.

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