If you’re thinking about Studying Medicine in Ireland, it’s important to consider the tuition fees and other costs – as well as any funding opportunities that may be available to help you out.

Tuition Fees For Irish Medical Schools

You’ll need to pay tuition fees to attend university in Ireland, and these will differ depending on where you’re from.

Ireland, UK and EU

If you’re from Ireland, the UK or the EU, you might be eligible for the Free Fees Initiative, in which Ireland’s Higher Education Authority pays tuition fees for students.

Although the UK is no longer part of the EU, the UK and Ireland continue to have a joint agreement so that existing arrangements such as the Free Fees Initiative will continue.

If you’re from the EU but aren’t eligible for the Free Fees Initiative, you’ll need to pay EU fees.

Graduate Entry

Graduate Entry Medicine in Ireland is not covered by the Free Fees Initiative, because students have already completed another degree first. However, the Higher Education Authority (HEA) provides partial funding for Irish/EU GEM students.

Other Costs

In addition to tuition fees, most students are also expected to pay an annual student contribution fee, which varies from one university to another but is capped at a maximum of €3,000. This covers provision of student services such as libraries and exam entry fees.

You should check university websites to see if you also need to pay any other costs – e.g. an IT fee.


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Non-EU Status Applicants

If you don’t qualify for the Free Fees Initiative, or other EU fees, you’ll need to pay non-EU fees which are decided by the individual universities. For 2022 entry, non-EU fees range from around €42,500 to €57,000.

You can see RCSI’s non-EU fees on their website. You can find non-EU fees for Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, University College Cork and NUI Galway on the IUMC website.


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Application Costs For Irish Med Schools

When you’re applying for Medicine in Ireland, there are some costs associated with the application process:

  • Applications via the CAO for Irish/UK/EU applicants: €45 euros, or €30 for early application (typically by mid/late January)
  • Applications via IUMC for international students: €50
  • HPAT-Ireland test for Irish/UK/EU applicants: €152.80
  • GAMSAT test for Graduate Entry Medicine: €341

Funding Your Medicine Studies In Ireland

If you’re from Ireland/the UK/the EU and need extra financial support for your studies, you might be eligible for Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI).

Non-EU students who apply via IUMC are offered a discount of €4,000-8,000 per year for fees at Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork and NUI Galway.


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