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ThierryN asked this 6 months ago Answered


I’ve taken the UKCAT mock A and I’m concerned by the scoring. I thought it should be between 1200 and 3600. What if the scores outside that bracket?


2 Answers

Brian Chong answered this 6 months ago

What is the score that is given in the mock tests then? the average score of all 4 sections or is it the overall score wen adding AR,QR,VR and DM together???


lauram answered this 6 months ago

Hi Thierry,

Thank you for your question. In each of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Decision Making, you will be awarded a raw score depending on the number of correct answers given. This score is then scaled into a score between 300 and 900 points (so this is what you’ll get in the mock test). You can therefore score between 1200 and 3600 points overall.

You can find out more about how the UKCAT is scored here:

Hope this helps! 🙂



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