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Muhammad Sulaiman asked this 10 months ago Answered

Cambridge Medicine Application?

Hi. I’m a Year 12 student studying A levels in Chemistry, Maths and Biology and I want to apply to Cambridge for Medicine in October. My A2 predictions are A*A*A*. However, my GCSEs aren’t that good for Cambridge with 6A*, 3As and 1B. Would I have a chance of getting an offer if I did well in the BMAT and interview? My sixth form college also doesn’t have a history of sending students to Oxbridge so I have limited help on that front. Thanks!


2 Answers

Jennifer Baig answered this 9 months ago

These are excellent grades however most students applying there are also very high achievers.  So many students are rejected before interview even with great BMAT scores. Competition is fierce. You may not even get selected for interview so keep your options open when making your other selections for med school. Good luck.


lauram answered this 9 months ago

Hi there!

Thank you for your question. 

There is a chance, depending on how well you do at BMAT and interview! However, if your B at GCSE is in English/Maths/Science then we’re afraid there’s a low chance.

Hope that clears things up a little! 🙂




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