24th October 2023
It is worth noting that entry requirements and selection criteria can vary from year to year, so ensure you check university websites for the most up-to-date information about UCAT scores before you make any application decisions.

Aston University

At Aston University, your UCAT score typically counts for 1/3 of the shortlisting process. Your academic qualifications account for the remaining 2/3.

They also state that all Situational Judgement bands are accepted.

Birmingham University

For interview selection at Birmingham University, the weighting is 40% UCAT, 45% academic and 15% contextual.

There is no minimum UCAT cut-off score, and your total UCAT score (including SJT) will be ranked alongside other applicants.

Exeter University

If you apply to Exeter University, your UCAT score will be weighted 25% and and your academic achievements 75%.

The higher your A-Level grades are, the lower the UCAT threshold for consideration is. You can see more in this table for 2022 entry.


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Keele University

For Keele University, your UCAT score needs to be above a certain threshold, but this is relatively low. Their website says that 2,280 (and above Band 4 in SJT) is the cut-off.

Once minimum academic and UCAT requirements have been met, shortlisting for interview is based on Keele’s Roles & Responsibilities (R&R) form. If the number of applicants tied on the threshold R&R score exceeds the number of interview slots available, those applicants will be ranked according to their UCAT score.

Queen’s University Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast takes GCSEs and UCAT into account when shortlisting for interview.

They assign candidates a score based on total UCAT score and a maximum of 6 points can be obtained for this. For their best 9 GCSEs, candidates receive 4 points for an A* grade, 3 points for an A, etc. In 2023, the total points threshold for interview was 37.


To apply for Medicine at Sunderland University, they state that your UCAT score must be within the top 8 deciles of your cohort. SJT also needs to be within Bands 1-3.

What Are The Other Options?

Aside from choosing your Medical Schools strategically, there are some other options you might want to consider if you got a low UCAT score.

These include:

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