26th October 2023
It is worth noting that entry requirements and selection criteria can vary from year to year, so ensure you check university websites for the most up-to-date information about UCAT scores before you make any application decisions.

Aberdeen University

Aberdeen University shortlists candidates for interview based on UCAT scores alongside actual and predicted academic achievements.

For 2023 entry, the average UCAT score for candidates invited to interview (from the UK excluding Scotland) was 2,760 and the lowest score was 2,500. For Scottish applicants, the average was 2,670 and the lowest was 2,340.

Bristol University

If you’re applying to Bristol University and have achieved their minimum academic entry requirements, you will have your application scored with a 100% weighting on the UCAT result. This will be used to select candidates for interview.

The UCAT score chosen as a threshold for interview is subject to change each year. For 2023 entry, the final threshold score to be invited to interview was 2,910.

Edge Hill University

Edge Hill University ranks candidates by UCAT score to shortlist for interview, once minimum eligibility and academic criteria have been met.

In 2022-23, the average UCAT score invited to interview was 2,748.


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At Glasgow University, applicants who meet all screening criteria (minimum academic requirements and a satisfactory Personal Statement and reference) are allocated interviews based on UCAT score.

For 2023 entry, the lowest UCAT score considered for interview (UK applicants excluding Scotland) was 2,690. For Scottish applicants, the lowest was 2,440.

King’s College London

At King’s College London, the overall UCAT score averaged across the four subtests is given more consideration than the individual subtest scores. Situational Judgement is also taken into account when shortlisting.

They say: “Examination results and the UCAT score are perhaps the most important factors when considering applications.” For 2023 entry, the mean UCAT score for interviewees was 2,930.

Liverpool University

To shortlist for interview, Liverpool University ranks candidates by UCAT score. Those with the most competitive scores are then assessed by whether they meet or exceed minimum academic criteria. The highest ranking applicants are invited to interview.

In 2022-23, Liverpool considered 2,630 to be a competitive UCAT score.

Manchester University

Manchester University applies a UCAT threshold based on the standard of scores that year. In 2022-23, the threshold was 2,750.

They state: “If you meet the UCAT threshold we apply, and you achieve Band 1 or 2 in the Situational Judgement Test (SJT), you will likely be invited to interview as long as you meet our minimum academic requirements (for example, GCSE and predicted grades).”

Newcastle University

Newcastle University shortlists for interview by ranking candidates (who meet the academic threshold) based on UCAT scores.

The threshold depends on the number of applicants, and the average score of applicants who apply to Newcastle. For 2023 entry, the interview threshold was 2,820.

Sheffield University

At Sheffield University, applicants who meet or exceed both the minimum academic requirements and the minimum UCAT requirement (2,430) will be ranked based on their UCAT score for interview selection. In 2022-23, the cut-off for interview was 2,850.

They say: “There is no compensation between academic attainment and UCAT attainment – exceeding the academic threshold will not compensate for a lower UCAT score.”


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Southampton University

Southampton University ranks candidates by UCAT score to determine who will be invited to a Selection Day.

They also mention: “The UCAT score is reviewed again alongside performance at Selection Days to determine who will receive an offer.”

St George’s, University of London

For St George’s, there is a standard entry requirement of 500 in each section of the UCAT. The overall score threshold is determined each year based on the scores received.

For 2023 entry, the threshold was 2,630. For 2022 entry, it was 2,710.

What Next?

If you have a high UCAT score, that’s great! It should help you to secure invitations to interview. But remember that once you actually get to the interview stage, your UCAT score will matter a lot less – and you will need to perform well at interview to get an offer of a Medical School place.

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