22nd May 2023
Are you thinking about doing a UCAT crash course as part of your preparation for the UCAT test? This blog explains what this type of UCAT course involves and how to choose the best one.

Why Should I Do A UCAT Crash Course?

Making a start on your UCAT preparation can feel like a daunting task. You might find the format of the test unfamiliar or intimidating, and the system of UCAT scores can be difficult to understand.

Crash courses are a good way of starting your preparation. They cover all of the bases that you need to know, so you’ll have a foundation of UCAT knowledge from the get-go and can further plan your revision schedule with confidence.

Similarly, if you have already started your prep, a UCAT course can fill any gaps in your knowledge and give you a boost. If you feel that you’re stagnating or struggling with your revision, a crash course will offer you tips and tricks for tackling the more difficult aspects of the test, such as Verbal Reasoning.

A high UCAT score will indisputably increase your chances of getting shortlisted for Medical School interviews – and, considering you can only sit the test once per cycle, it is important that you maximise your chances of doing well.


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What Will I Learn From A UCAT Crash Course?

A UCAT crash course will typically last one day. During the day, you will receive an introduction to the test and learn about every section of the UCAT individually. The subtests are all quite different from one another, so making sure you know what is expected from you is a priority.

In addition to strategies for each subtest, you will be given strategies to help you answer questions quickly and accurately throughout the whole test. The UCAT is very time-pressured, so being able to answer questions in a timely manner is essential.

Many UCAT crash courses will also give you the opportunity to practise some exam-style questions and find out what you got right, plus where you went wrong. This will help you to gauge your current level, highlighting what you need to focus on most in your revision.

What Makes A Good UCAT Crash Course?

If you’re planning to do a UCAT crash course, you should choose a trusted provider. Make sure you check their reviews and reputation when doing your research. The Medic Portal is trusted to teach the UCAT in top schools every year. We also have a Feefo platinum award for 5* customer reviews, making us a very trustworthy option.

Importantly, a UCAT crash course should be taught by someone who knows the test inside out. At The Medic Portal, our specialist tutors are qualified Doctors or top medical students who scored highly in the UCAT. Having someone experienced to answer any queries you might have about the test is priceless, so make sure this is the case for any UCAT crash course you might choose.

You should also choose a UCAT course that suits you and your leaning style. Some providers only offer online crash courses, but The Medic Portal offers the option to attend in-person or live online.

Another thing to consider is whether your provider offers any ongoing support after you have completed the crash course. At The Medic Portal, we offer a post-course masterclass where you can get all of your further questions answered and refine your strategy.


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What Else Should I Do To Prepare For The UCAT?

When it comes to UCAT preparation, you shouldn’t rely on a crash course alone. It might be a good way to start your prep, or give your prep a boost, but you need to do a lot more than a one-day course to ensure you score highly on test day.

Once you have learned the theory and strategies taught during a course, you need to apply them to lots of practice questions. This is the only sure way to assess your current level of knowledge and measure your development.

Start out by working on the accuracy of your answers. Then, once you are happy with your accuracy, start working on your timings. Finish off with full mocks under timed conditions.

If you find that you need more personalised support and guidance with your preparation, or if you just want to make sure you will get the best score you can, you may want to consider UCAT tutoring. We have UCAT prep packages which allow you to combine a course with practice questions and tutoring too.


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