19th October 2015
These tips for MMI success will help you prepare for your interview. Make sure you review MMI questions and check out our Interview Question Bank for more free support.

Familiarise Yourself With The MMI Format

You need to know how MMIs work to minimise any nasty surprises on the day. Each university does things slightly differently, and they might give you a bit of information in advance.

To prepare for your interview, you should think about the kinds of MMI questions you might be asked or the stations you could face. Think about the kinds of skills and attributes you wrote about in your Personal Statement: teamwork, leadership, empathy, communication skills. These are all fair game for being assessed at your MMI.

Check our interview guide for details about what each Med School is looking for from their interviews.


Practice MMI Circuits

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If One Station Goes Badly, Forget It And Move On

One of the good things about the MMI is that if a station goes poorly, you can move to the next and forget about it. They’re all assessed individually, so just because one went badly it does not mean you automatically won’t be getting into Medical School.

Keep calm, and remember if you are slightly thrown by a station, chances are others will be too! Even if you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed, remain respectful, kind and empathetic to the interviewer and, importantly, the actor or patient.

Mentally Reset Between Stations

Each station has a new interviewer, who has no idea how you’ve done so far. It’s a fresh chance to take deep breaths and pretend it’s your first station.

Use the time between stations wisely. If there’s information about the station on the screen, read it thoroughly and start to formulate how you will approach the scenario. If not, have a sip of water, take a deep breath and try to smile. An MMI is way longer than a panel interview, so maintaining your stamina is important.

It’s important to help yourself to feel as good as you can before the next station.

Don’t Forget To Prepare For Questions

Interview questions can just as easily crop up in MMIs in one guise or another.

Just as in traditional panel interviews, in your MMI, the universities will want evidence you are committed to a career in Medicine and are committed to caring. They want to be sure that you understand that a career in Medicine is at times stressful and challenging.

And just like a traditional interview, you need to make sure you dress appropriately and behave in a professional manner from the moment you log on to your online interview to the moment you log out.

Video Yourself Answering Questions

Since MMIs will be online this year, it’s important you see how you come across through your webcam. It’s hard to notice the tone of your answer and remember exactly how you articulated it, so watching it back will give you a chance to give yourself honest feedback.

Pretend you are an examiner and mark yourself out of ten for each answer, as this will help you track how you improve over time.

Discuss Topics With Friends

The MMI format means that each station is essentially a discussion between the interviewer and yourself. And just like with anything, only practice can make you better.

Pick a hot topic and discuss it with a friend. This will be the greatest help in teaching you how to present your own arguments, back them up with strong examples as well as and considering others’ viewpoints.

How you present your answer is just as important as what your answer is. Remember the interview isn’t testing your knowledge or that you have the “right” opinion. Instead, it’s assessing your ability to adapt to different scenarios and consider them wholly.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practising MMIs is the one thing that will ensure you feel the most prepared you possibly can be – and help minimise nerves on the day. Try and get feedback on your interview performance from lots of different people who can comment on things like your communication and interpersonal skills. 

Our MMI Circuits put you through 10 different stations, let you observe 10 more, and will give you detailed feedback on how you did so you know what you need to work on.


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