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UCAT Interim Scores 2020


Are you looking for the interim 2021 entry UCAT scores? You can find this on our UCAT Scores guide. 

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This blog is about the 2020 entry interim UCAT scores, which were released on Monday, September 16th, 2019. They showed an overall average slightly ahead of the final 2019 entry data – and that Verbal Reasoning is once again the lowest scoring section.

What are ‘interim UCAT scores’?

Every year, approximately halfway through the UCAT testing season, the UCAT Consortium releases what the average scores have been for the season so far.

These are the ‘Interim Scores’.

The 2020 interim scores take into account the average score in each section for the 12,138 candidates who sat the UCAT up until September 6th, 2019.

If you sat the UCAT in 2019 – or will be doing so before the end of the testing cycle – these averages are relevant to you and your application.

That’s because they give an indication as to what the final scores might look like – and how your performance might rank.

That information is an important part of the selection process at many medical schools.

What do the 2020 interim scores show?

Below is a quick breakdown of the interim scores.

As has often been the case, Verbal Reasoning has the lowest average. Quantitative Reasoning has the highest.

The overall average, at 2541, is slightly up from last year’s final average of 2485.

  Verbal Reasoning Decision Making Quantitative Reasoning Abstract Reasoning Total Mean Score
2019 Interim 576 633 678 653 2541
2018 Final 567 624 658 637 2485
2017 Final 570 647 695 629 2540

What about Situational Judgement?

The table below shows the percentage of candidates scoring in each band in the Situational Judgement Test.

The interim data suggests a decrease in the percentage of students achieving Band 1 outcomes.

  2019 Interim 2018 Final 2017 Final
Band 1 18% 21% 28%
Band 2 42% 34% 42%
Band 3 31% 32% 21%
Band 4 9% 13% 9%

What decile ranking can I expect with my score?

The preliminary decile rankings can be seen below.

But remember, this is just provisional. The final decile boundaries could well change.

Decile Rank Points Required
1st 2230
2nd 2340
3rd 2420
4th 2480
5th 2540
6th 2600
7th 2670
8th 2750
9th 2860

Are the interim scores a good indication of what the final scores will be?

UCAT only releases average UCAT scores twice per testing season: once at the halfway point (‘interim) and once at the end (‘final’).

We expect that the final UCAT scores for 2020 entry will be released around October 7th, 2019.

Average scores do tend to change between the interim and the final results each year.

In 2018, for example, the final total score was 2.5% (or 63 points) lower than the interim total. In 2017 the final total score was 2.2% (or 58 points) lower than the interim.

To understand more about how the UCAT scoring works in general, read our UCAT Scores page.

What do I do next?

Strategy is essential when it comes to selecting medical schools.

The above information might help you prepare your application. You can look more closely at medical schools that accept scores like yours.

Use our the list of UCAT universities in our UCAT Guide and our medical school comparison table to help.

Looking ahead

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