7th March 2022

Humanitas University’s MEDTEC School is a six-year degree programme in Medicine & Surgery and Biomedical Engineering, taught entirely in English. The degree course is focused on enhancing the medical skills of a Doctor through integration and acquisition of the basic competencies and approaches relevant to Biomedical Engineering. This is all made possible by a combination of theoretical interdisciplinary modules, hands-on experience and simulation activities.

MEDTEC School is run in partnership with Politecnico di Milano – a collaboration between one of the most distinguished technical universities in Europe and one of the most renowned healthcare academic institutions. Together they joined forces to develop an innovative degree course, designed to train future healthcare professionals able to bring innovation in their field.


Humanitas University MEDTEC School

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Humanitas University is the ideal location to start your academic path: a technologically advanced campus located in a green area, just a stone’s throw from Humanitas Hospital and Research Centre. Everything you may need to make the most of your university experience is in one place! The campus also hosts the Student House and Mario Luzzatto Simulation Center – 2,000 sq m where you can get hands-on experience with the latest innovations in the medical field in a protected environment, thanks to operating theatres, multimedia control rooms, outpatient departments, emergency rooms, microscope rooms, and rooms for clinical and surgical techniques.

The structure of MEDTEC’s study programme includes basic science disciplines such as chemistry, physics, statistics and computer science, as well as courses focused on biomedical engineering methodologies and technologies – aimed at fostering integration between Medicine and Engineering and therefore meeting the needs of an ever-evolving healthcare world.

The MEDTEC School programme has been carefully designed to equip students with the tools needed to work alongside Artificial Intelligence, surgical robots and new nanotechnologies. Students will also discover how to enhance therapeutic outcomes through data analytics and machine learning techniques, plus how to use new materials and advanced therapeutic devices such as surgical robots, endoprostheses, biostamps and 3D prints. MEDTEC School also teaches you how to maximise technologies and intelligent systems to optimise machine-patient interaction for personalised medicine solutions.

The study plan has been developed to ensure full integration of engineering skills in the clinical training pathway. During Years 1-3, classes are held both at Politecnico di Milano and Humanitas University, where you’ll have many opportunities to gain practical experience, join specialised laboratories, and acquire soft skills which are crucial to the development of Doctor-patient relationships. Years 4-6 courses are all held at Humanitas University and are mainly focused on clinical training, using the Simulation Center and carrying out activities in Humanitas hospitals.

From third year onwards, you will have the opportunity to carry out your thesis, research or clerkship projects abroad, thanks to Travel Grants scholarships funded by Humanitas University.

This innovative and integrated six-year educational programme will allow you to be awarded an MD in Medicine with a total of 360 ECTS, as well as to apply to Politecnico di Milano for the issuance of a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering upon the acquisition of 30 additional ECTS.

Graduates will be able to either continue their studies by enrolling for a residency programme or a PhD in medical/engineering research, or work in numerous medical fields such as biomedical device design, biomedical technologies and pharmaceutical industries.

Currently, 70 places are available annually for the MEDTEC School programme. The upcoming online admissions test is on 8th April, so register here to start your journey at Humanitas University and become tomorrow’s physicianeer!


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