UKCAT Decision Making tips

9 UCAT Decision Making Tips

1st August 2022

Follow these Decision Making tips to get ahead and master this challenging UCAT subtest.

The Top 5 UCAT Mistakes

25th July 2022

Learn the top five mistakes that people make in the UCAT - and find out how you can avoid them!

4 Things To Do This Summer – Apart From UCAT!

21st July 2022

Discover four things you can do this summer to get ahead with your Medicine application - apart from the UCAT!

How I Scored 890 In Abstract Reasoning

18th July 2022

Ria was just 10 points short of full marks in Abstract Reasoning! Find out how she did it.

How I Scored 680 In Verbal Reasoning

14th July 2022

Find out how Anna managed to beat the average Verbal Reasoning score by over 100 points.

4 Things To Do The Day Before UCAT

7th July 2022

Make sure you do these 4 things the day before your UCAT test to get organised and avoid unnecessary stress.


How I Scored Over 3,000 In UCAT And Got Four Offers!

Find out how Roisin scored so highly in the UCAT - and how this helped her to secure all four Med School offers.

ucat calculator

Tips For Using The UCAT Calculator

Practise these tips and tricks to use the UCAT calculator efficiently - and save precious time during the exam!

How To Manage Your Timing For The UCAT

6th July 2022

Wondering how to manage your timing for the UCAT? These are our top tips to save time in the exam across all sections.

6 UCAT Abstract Reasoning Tips

These Abstract Reasoning tips will help you spot patterns, remember AR strategy and work on your test performance.


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