24th October 2023
It is worth noting that entry requirements and selection criteria can vary from year to year, so ensure you check university websites for the most up-to-date information about UCAT scores before you make any application decisions.

Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin shortlists for interview by ranking applicants (who meet the minimum academic requirements) by UCAT score. There are also shortlisting points for candidates living or studying in the East of England, with further points for Essex.

The cut-off score for interview was higher in 2022 than in previous years. It was 2,640 (2,590 for local applicants) for 2022 entry, compared to 2,390 for 2021 entry and 2,430 for 2020 entry.

Cardiff University

Cardiff University doesn’t have a minimum UCAT threshold score, but may use UCAT as part of their selection process for interview.

They say: “We will use a UCAT tariff if we are oversubscribed with applicants with exceptional academic scores to help select which applicants to interview. Use (or not) of the UCAT can only be determined each year after we have assessed the academic score of all the applicants.”

Dundee University

For Dundee University, there is no minimum UCAT cut-off score. Your score will be considered alongside academic ability, but they don’t outline how.


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Edinburgh University

For Edinburgh University, you are required to meet a cut-off score, which is 2,470 for 2024 entry. You will also be rejected if you score Band 4 in Situational Judgement.

They say: “Once all the scores are received we rank them, divide the cohort into deciles (ten equal groups) and allocate a score. We also allocate a score to your Situational Judgement banding. The points are then added to your academic score to contribute towards your final ranking for shortlisting and possible invitation to one of our Assessment Days.”

Hull York Medical School

Hull York Medical School has a minimum requirement that you need at least Band 3 in SJT.

As part of the selection procedure for interview, you can be assigned up to 40 points for the UCAT, up to 30 points for GCSEs, up to 15 points for SJT and up to 15 points for contextual data.

Kent and Medway Medical School

In 2022-2023, Kent and Medway Medical School had a UCAT threshold score of 2,470. Applicants were also required to have a SJT Band 3 or above.

The next stage of selection for interview involves contextualising all applicants. They “consider academic attainment relative to the average for the applicant’s school, at both GCSE and A-Level.” Because of this additional stage, they say that applicants with higher UCAT scores won’t necessarily be selected over applicants with lower UCAT scores who still pass the threshold.

Leicester University

At Leicester University, they give 50:50 weighting to UCAT score and academic ability. They say: “Those with a lower UCAT score will be considered on an individual basis, taking into account the whole of their UCAS application.”

To shortlist for interview, they will assign you a score out of 32 for the UCAT plus an academic score out of 32, making a maximum possible score of 64 overall.

Norwich Medical School (UEA)

Norwich Medical School uses UCAT scores to rank applicants for interview selection. They later use the UCAT score alongside an interview score to determine who will receive an offer of a place.

They mention: “A high score is advantageous; a low score does not disqualify an applicant from consideration.”

Nottingham University

If you apply to Nottingham University, they will give you points based on your 8 best GCSEs (4 points for an A*, 3 points for an A, etc) and your UCAT score.

It’s worth noting that Nottingham also doubles the Verbal Reasoning score, and SJT is included in the points too. They state there is no fixed threshold score to be selected for interview.


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Plymouth University

Plymouth University uses UCAT results alongside A-Levels and GCSEs to select for interview.

The UCAT threshold can vary each year and is influenced by overall candidate performance in the UCAT. Last year it was higher than in previous years – 2,680 for 2023 entry, compared to 2,610 for 2022 entry and 2,400 for 2021 entry.

Queen Mary University of London (Barts)

At Queen Mary/Barts, your UCAT score and UCAS tariff are given 50:50 weighting. You need to have a UCAT score at least in the third decile to be considered.

In the 2023 application cycle, the lowest UCAT score for a candidate invited to interview was 2,720.

St Andrews University

To be selected for interview at St Andrews, you will need to have a strong academic record, a positive reference and relevant work experience. Applicants who meet these requirements will be ranked based on UCAT score, and the top 500 (approx) will be given an interview.

In recent years, the lowest UCAT score for applicants invited to interview at St Andrews has been around 2,400.

Warwick University

For the Graduate Entry Medicine programme at Warwick University, UCAT scores are combined with academic achievements in the shortlisting process.

You must have achieved at least the overall mean score in Verbal Reasoning, which was 570 in 2022, to be considered. The lowest total UCAT score for an applicant invited to Warwick’s Selection Centre was 2,580 for 2023 entry.

For more options, see: Where To Apply With A Low UCAT Score


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