What To Expect On UCAT Test Day

30th June 2022

Get the lowdown on what you can expect on UCAT test day - including what happens before and after you’ve sat the test.

Dos And Don’ts Of UCAT Preparation

Check out these dos and don'ts of UCAT prep to make the most of your time before test day.

16 UCAT Verbal Reasoning Tips

22nd June 2022

Follow our best Verbal Reasoning tips to boost your score above the typically low average for this UCAT subtest.

How I Reached The Top UCAT Decile – And Scored Over 3,000

21st June 2022

Find out how Sharon improved her UCAT score to reach the top decile - and learn how you can do the same too!

5 UCATSEN Preparation Tips

13th June 2022

If you're sitting the UCATSEN, follow these tips from a Med student to get prepared.

UKCAT prep around other commitments

5 Tips To Fit UCAT Prep Around Other Commitments

10th June 2022

Starting to prepare for the UCAT? Use these tips to make sure your prep doesn't overwhelm you this summer.

How To Choose The Best UCAT Course

8th June 2022

A course is the best way to learn test strategies for the UCAT – but how do you choose the best one?

BMAT Course

How I Scored 3440 In The UCAT

24th May 2022

Poppy scored an impressive 3,440 in the UCAT. Find out how she did it and use her tips to achieve a high UCAT score too.

5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting UCAT Prep

20th May 2022

Get to know these five important things before you start preparing for the UCAT test.

My Low UCAT Score Stopped Me Getting Into Medicine

18th May 2022

This applicant who scored low in the UCAT has some advice to help you avoid making the same mistakes that she did.


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