9th May 2023
For many UK Medical Schools, the UCAT is an essential admissions requirement and a good UCAT score is key to getting shortlisted for interviews. But are there any Medical Schools which don’t require the UCAT test?

Do All UK Universities Require UCAT For Medicine?

A majority of UK universities require Medicine applicants to sit the UCAT test – but not all of them. A small number of Medical Schools want you to sit the BMAT exam instead, and there are even some pathways to Medicine which don’t ask you to sit an admissions test at all!

Because it’s required by so many Medical Schools, we always recommend that applicants sit the UCAT test. But if you are unable to take the test for some reason, such as illness, or you get a low UCAT score and want to explore other options, this is your guide to UK Medical Schools which don’t require the UCAT.

Which Universities Do Not Require UCAT?

Although the UCAT test is used by most UK Medical Schools, there are some which want candidates to sit the BMAT instead. These six universities currently require the BMAT:

  • Brighton & Sussex Medical School
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London
  • Lancaster University
  • University of Oxford
  • UCL

Although the BMAT is running as normal this year, it’s worth noting that the exam is being discontinued from 2024 onwards. This means that universities which currently use the BMAT will be putting alternative arrangements in place next year and some might switch to the UCAT. For example, the University of Leeds previously used the BMAT but has now switched to the UCAT.


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More Options That Don’t Require UCAT

The University of Buckingham does not require Medicine applicants to sit the UCAT or the BMAT. Instead, they use their own computer-based test (known as a Multiple Mini Assessment) for candidates who meet an academic threshold. If you’re thinking of applying to Buckingham, bear in mind that it is a private university, which means that you will need to self-finance your medical degree without student loans.

Another UK university which doesn’t require UCAT or BMAT is the University of Central Lancashire. Candidates who meet academic requirements will be selected for interview based on their Personal Statement and school/college reference. However, UCLan has a very limited number of places available to UK students, and you will only be eligible to apply if you live in North West England: Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester.

You could also consider studying abroad and applying to international universities that don’t require the UCAT. For example, the University of Nicosia doesn’t ask candidates to sit an admissions test. If you’re thinking about studying Medicine abroad, make sure you research your options thoroughly, check the admissions requirements, and consider the pros and cons of different locations.

Can You Get Into Medicine Without UCAT?

Although we always advise applicants to sit the UCAT, because it significantly broadens your options when choosing a Medical School, it is certainly possible to get into Medicine without UCAT.

Without the UCAT, your options include:

  • Sitting the BMAT and applying to BMAT universities.
  • Applying to Buckingham – if the fees are financially viable for you.
  • Applying to UCLan – if you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Studying Medicine abroad.

If you’re disappointed with your UCAT score, you might also want to consider:


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