Which UK Medical Schools Do Not Require UCAT?

9th March 2024

Find out which UK Medical Schools do not require the UCAT - including BMAT universities and more.

What is the Highest UCAT Score Ever Achieved

What is the Highest UCAT Score Ever Achieved?

4th March 2024

Find out what the highest UCAT score achieved has been as well as what scores are considered good, average, and low.

How Medical Schools Use Situational Judgement – 2024 Entry

9th February 2024

Discover how different Medical Schools use the Situational Judgement test - and find out where you can apply with Band 4.

UCAT BMAT exam study

BMAT vs UCAT: Which One Is Harder?

10th November 2023

The BMAT and UCAT both test a range of skills, as well as knowledge and aptitude of aspiring medical students - but which is considered harder?

Where To Apply With A High UCAT Score – 2024 Entry

26th October 2023

If you got a high UCAT score, check out these Medical Schools you may want to apply to and play to your strengths.

Where To Apply With An Average UCAT Score – 2024 Entry

24th October 2023

If you got an average UCAT score (typically around 2,500) these are some Medical Schools you might want to consider.

Where To Apply With A Low UCAT Score – 2024 Entry

If you got a low UCAT score, you will need to choose your Medical Schools strategically. These are some of your university options.

2023 UCAT Scores Analysis

5th October 2023

The final 2023 UCAT scores have been released. Find out what these UCAT statistics mean for your Medicine application this year - and what to do next.

Interim 2023 UCAT Scores Released

19th September 2023

Find out the interim 2023 UCAT scores - and discover what the stats mean for your Medicine application.

How To Use Your UCAT Score – 2024 Entry

9th August 2023

Find out how you can use your UCAT score to apply strategically for 2024 entry Medicine.


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