How I scored over 3000 in UCAT and Got Four Offers!

20th August 2021

Find out how Roisin scored so highly in the UCAT - and how this helped her to secure all four offers.

5 Tips to Stay Calm During UCAT Prep

12th August 2021

Make sure you manage stress and don't burn yourself out with UCAT prep

ucat calculator

Tips For Using The UCAT Calculator

30th July 2021

Don't get caught out by the UCAT calculator! Here are some useful tips to keep in mind to help you save valuable time during UCAT.

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How I Scored In The Top UCAT Decile And Band 1

15th July 2021

This UCAT-taker scored in the top decile and in band 1 for situational judgement! Find out which five things she did to get such a high score.

How I Scored 890 In Abstract Reasoning

8th July 2021

Ria was just 10 points short of full marks! Find out how she did it.

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How I Scored 880 In Decision Making

2nd July 2021

Charlotte was just 20 points shy of full marks in the decision making section.

How I Scored 680 In Verbal Reasoning

24th June 2021

See how Anna beat the average VR score by over 100 points

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8 UCAT Situational Judgement Tips

12th June 2021

These situational judgement tips will help you score above Band 3, and make it past the cut-off of many UCAT unis.

6 UCAT Abstract Reasoning Tips

11th June 2021

Abstract Reasoning tips to help you spot patterns, remember AR strategy, and work on your test performance

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12 UCAT Quantitative Reasoning Tips

This blog details our top UCAT Quantitative Reasoning tips - from online practice to writing down important info.


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