How to Manage Your Timing for the UCAT

29th July 2020

If you’ve started practising for the UCAT you’ll know the timing is tight and it is not uncommon for some candidates to run out of time in the real test too. In the following blog, I’ll list a few tips and methods to help you speed up and ensure you finish the UCAT exam within…

Situational Judgement Example Question: Patient Safety and Professionalism

21st July 2020

  Above is an example of a question you may face in your UCAT exam whilst tackling the Situational Judgement section. Have a go at answering it by looking at the potential courses of action below, and think about which would be best one to pursue and which wouldn’t. Potential answers: Which of the following…

UCAT At A Test Centre vs. UCAT Online

9th July 2020

Much has changed in the past few months and in line with many changes being made to exams, it is possible to sit the UCAT either online at home (different to previous years) or at a test centre (as in previous years). Wherever you choose to sit the UCAT, remember that you will be sitting…

10 Things To Know About Sitting UCAT Online

2nd July 2020

2020 has turned out to be a very different year to what almost everyone expected, with a lot changing in all aspects of our lives. One thing, at least for the immediate future, is becoming more common: online exams. It is important to remember that many students, sitting all kinds of exams are now having…

UCAT 2020 Registration – What You Need To Know

30th June 2020

UCAT 2020 registration is now open! After a period of uncertainty, you can finally book your UCAT test date. This means you need to answer some important questions. Here are 5 things you need to be thinking about right now…   How Do I Register? You Still Need to Book A Date! Online or In-Person?…

Top Tips For Sitting UCAT Online At Home

22nd June 2020

  The coronavirus pandemic has caused almost every aspect of our lives to change in some way, and exams are no exception. Many universities are setting exams online that students can take from home, and this will be an option for the UCAT this year. If you have never sat an online exam before this…

Three Big Changes To UCAT 2020

17th June 2020

  Are you planning to sit the UCAT this year? There are some fundamental changes being made to key dates and testing that you need to be aware of whilst you continue your preparation. Here are three big changes being made to UCAT 2020 that aspiring medics should note. Reduced Testing Window As a result…

UCAT June 2020 Update

1st June 2020

  On June 1st, 2020, the UCAT Consortium announced how UCAT will proceed in light of COVID-19. The big news is: UCAT will be going ahead in 2020… and you can sit it at home! Test dates will run from August 3rd – October 1st, with registration set to open on July 1st. Below is…

Four Screen-Free Ways to Prepare for UCAT

28th May 2020

  The UCAT is the 2-hour computer-based test used by medical schools to assess a range of different cognitive abilities including, quantitative reasoning, abstract reasoning, verbal reasoning, decision making and situational judgement. There are various online resources such as The Medic Portal’s UCAT Question Bank that are available at your fingertips.  Whilst the assessment takes place…

5 UCATSEN Preparation Tips

18th May 2020

  Sitting the UCATSEN can be daunting. Teddy, one medical school applicant, has ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia and scored 763 on the UCATSEN. She shares her tips on sitting the test below. 1. Start Practising Early When I first started my UCAT revision, I was often tearful and very stressed but I made it through…


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