Personal Statement

5 Top Tips For Reviewing Your Personal Statement

23rd July 2020

    Writing your personal statement can be a tricky stage of the application process. Many prospective medical students write up to 10 or more drafts before they finalise their personal statement that they are happy to submit. It is helpful if you know someone who will review your personal statement for you, but there…

2021 Entry: Personal Statements

11th June 2020

  If you’re an aspiring medic looking to start medical school next September, it’s important to know how each aspect of your medical application is used in the selection process. Below is how each UK medical school will use personal statements as part of the wider process of selecting students for 2021 entry. We have…

Interview-Proofing Your Personal Statement

19th May 2020

  Writing your personal statement can be tricky. You only have 47 lines (or 4000 characters) to get across everything you want to show the admissions tutors. Universities use the personal statement differently – check out how medical schools use your personal statement here. There might seem to be slightly less emphasis on the personal…

5 Ways To Build Your Personal Statement During Lockdown

5th May 2020

  A pandemic is an interesting and difficult time to be a prospective medical student. The spotlight on our NHS may have you more inspired than ever to embark on a medical career, but the situation has created challenging conditions in which to start your application.  Despite all the uncertainty, there are things you can…

Writing medicine personal statement

Writing the Perfect Introduction for Your Personal Statement

10th September 2019

  Whilst it’s important for your whole personal statement for medicine to be unique, it’s even more important for the introduction of your personal statement to stand out. A powerful introduction for your personal statement is essential for making a strong first impression, yet it can be the hardest part to write. Here are five…

Medicine Personal Statement

What to Include in a Medicine Personal Statement

30th August 2019

It’s nearly that time of the year again when many students will be applying to study medicine. If you’re considering applying, you might be already be thinking about getting an early start on writing your medicine personal statement. The big question is what exactly do you include in those 4000 characters? Sitting your UCAT this…

Writing your personal statement

How to Start Writing Your Personal Statement

28th August 2019

You know exactly why you want to study Medicine and you’re super excited to start applying, but when it comes to writing your personal statement your mind goes blank and you have no idea what to say. If this sounds familiar, then here are some tips to help get the personal statement ball rolling. Book…

Personal Statement Character Count

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Personal Statement Fit the Character Count

8th October 2018

You’ve spent weeks refining your personal statement – and there is now only one thing standing in the way of you and hitting send on your UCAS application: the UCAS character count. One of the most frustrating parts of the university admissions process is cutting down the personal statement to less than 4000 characters and…

5 Common Mistakes Personal Statement

5 Common Personal Statement Mistakes to Avoid

1st October 2018

  Writing your personal statement can be tricky, especially when you’re applying for Medicine. It’s a fine balance between hitting all the points required, but making it unique to your own personality and experiences. With university admissions tutors reading thousands of personal statements every year, here are five common mistakes to avoid to give a…

Alex - Personal Statement

Alex’s Journey to Med School: Personal Statement

18th September 2018

Our new blog and video series is created by Alex, who applied to medical school for 2018 entry and is now a medical student at Leeds. In this series he will share his tips for each stage of the medical school application process. Your personal statement is your opportunity to express your willingness and desire…


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