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Personal Statement

Personal Statement Character Count

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Personal Statement Fit the Character Count

8th October 2018

You’ve spent weeks refining your personal statement – and there is now only one thing standing in the way of you and hitting send on your UCAS application: the UCAS character count. One of the most frustrating parts of the university admissions process is cutting down the personal statement to less than 4000 characters and…

5 Common Mistakes Personal Statement

5 Common Personal Statement Mistakes to Avoid

1st October 2018

Writing your personal statement can be tricky, especially when you’re applying for Medicine. It’s a fine balance between hitting all the points required, but making it unique to your own personality and experiences. With university admissions tutors reading thousands of personal statements every year, here are five common mistakes to avoid to give a good…

Alex - Personal Statement

Alex’s Journey to Med School: Personal Statement

18th September 2018

Our new blog and video series is created by Alex, who applied to medical school for 2018 entry and is now a medical student at Leeds. In this series he will share his tips for each stage of the medical school application process. Your personal statement is your opportunity to express your willingness and desire…

10 Step Checklist Personal Statement

10-Step Checklist for Your Medicine Personal Statement

5th September 2018

Got a finished draft of your personal statement for medical school? Proofreading and editing is key to making it perfect! Here’s our ten-step checklist to work your way through to make your personal statement the best it can be before sending off your application. Want expert feedback on your personal statement? Get your statement reviewed…

5 Original Ways to Write About Work Experience Personal Statement

5 Original Ways to Write About Work Experience in Your Personal Statement

3rd September 2018

Attending your placement was fun but writing about it in your personal statement can prove harder than expected. If this sounds familiar, read on for some top tips on how to reflect on work experience in your personal statement. Drafting your personal statement and want expert feedback? Try our Personal Statement Review!  1. Be honest…

Personal Statement Work Experience

Personal Statement: 5 Tips on Writing About Work Experience

27th August 2018

Work experience is an essential component of your personal statement for medical school.  Whether you worked every Saturday at your local nursing home or spent two weeks in an operating theatre, you’d be surprised how much you’ve actually learnt – and how relevant it is to medical school, and how poorly communicated it is by…


How to Start Planning Your Personal Statement

23rd August 2018

The personal statement is an integral part of the medical school application – and you may be asked about yours at your interview. In this blog, I will go through some ways you can begin planning your personal statement structure and things to include. Introduction It’s important to grab the attention of the reader to…

Personal Statement Tips

5 Tips for Writing a Stand-Out Personal Statement

21st August 2018

Staring at that blank white page not knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. Medical schools receive countless personal statements a year, so how do you get yours to stand out? Read on for my tips on how to transform your personal statement from boring to high-scoring! Want your personal statement reviewed by an expert?…

Personal Statement Tips

Personal Statement: Tips on Writing about Suitability

2nd October 2017

Medical personal statements are tricky, especially when thinking about applying for medicine. In your application, the purpose of suitability is to try to figure how you as a person could suit a career in medicine. Don’t lie It might be tempting to tell an elaborate tale about the time you built a school in Somalia….

Personal Statement Motivation

Personal Statement: 5 Tips on Writing About Motivation

13th September 2017

Writing your medical personal statement and want tips on how to write about your motivation?  Because studying medicine is such a commitment, universities want to know that you have sufficient motivation to make it through – and you’ll have to prove it on your personal statement. After all, no medical school wants to take on…


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