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Personal Statement Tips

5 Tips for Writing a Stand-Out Personal Statement

21st August 2018

Staring at that blank white page not knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. Medical schools receive countless personal statements a year, so how do you get yours to stand out? Read on for my tips on how to transform your personal statement from boring to high-scoring! Want your personal statement reviewed by an expert?…

Personal Statement Tips

Personal Statement: Tips on Writing about Suitability

2nd October 2017

Medical personal statements are tricky, especially when thinking about applying for medicine. In your application, the purpose of suitability is to try to figure how you as a person could suit a career in medicine. Don’t lie It might be tempting to tell an elaborate tale about the time you built a school in Somalia….

Personal Statement Motivation

Personal Statement: 5 Tips on Writing About Motivation

13th September 2017

Writing your medical personal statement and want tips on how to write about your motivation?  Because studying medicine is such a commitment, universities want to know that you have sufficient motivation to make it through – and you’ll have to prove it on your personal statement. After all, no medical school wants to take on…

How to Plan Ahead for Your PS

How to Plan Ahead for Your Personal Statement

15th August 2017

Your medicine personal statement is an important part of the application process, so it’s best to start thinking about it early. Here are some top tips on how plan ahead for your personal statement. Starting early Year 13 is a very stressful year. From applying to university to completing exams, you will struggle to find…

Books to Read Before Personal Statement

3 Books to Read Before Writing Your Personal Statement

3rd August 2017

In your personal statement, demonstration of wider reading around medicine is something few students think about, and yet it can make a real difference to your application. Stuck on what to read? Here are three books I read when I applied to strengthen my knowledge of medicine. 1. “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for…

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Personal Statement for Medicine: Submission Checklist

8th October 2015

You’re probably about to submit your personal statement for medicine ahead of next week’s deadline. Before you push the button, here is a final checklist to make sure your personal statement ticks all the right boxes for medical school. Get your personal statement for medicine reviewed today by a current medic or a Medical School…

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Personal Statement for Medicine: Top 5 Traits

29th September 2015

In this blog, we go over the top 5 personal statement traits that admissions tutors love! There is no guaranteed formula for success. But the following list of personal statement ‘must-haves’ comes from doctors, admissions tutors and education professionals with years of experience. So here they are: 1. Reflection You will have heard this word a…

Medical School Personal Statement, Personal Statement for Medicine, Personal Statement exploration

Medical School Personal Statement: Top 5 Mistakes

24th September 2015

Are you about to submit your medical school personal statement? If so, make sure you avoid these common personal statement mistakes that even the best students make. Get your medical school personal statement reviewed today by a current medic or a Medical School Admissions tutor. Medical School Personal Statement: Top 5 Mistakes 1. Not answering…


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