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Your Study Options To Become A Doctor

13th April 2023

This blog from Swansea University explains the different study options you have if you want to become a Doctor.


Choosing Humanitas University Can Jumpstart Your Future

31st March 2023

Find out how Humanitas University is training doctors for the future with its unique MEDTEC degree programme.

How Do You Know If Medical Training Is The Right Choice For You?

7th March 2023

Discover the key points to consider when you're thinking about a career in Medicine in this blog from UCLan.

How UK Partnerships Can Benefit International Medical School Students

21st February 2023

Discover the opportunities that medical students gain from the partnership between St. George’s University and Northumbria University.

Worried About Financing Your Medical Degree?

2nd February 2023

If you're concerned about financing a Medicine degree, this blog from Swansea University explores some alternative options.

Clinical Placements: What Should I Expect And Why Do They Matter?

9th January 2023

Find out what clinical placements involve, and why they are important, in this blog from Three Counties Medical School.

Problem-Based Learning: What To Expect At Medical School

21st December 2022

This blog from Three Counties Medical School explains what problem-based learning (PBL) is and how it works.

The 5 Key Principles Of Patient-Centred Practice

9th December 2022

Dr David Jeffrey, a Senior Lecturer at Three Counties Medical School, explains the five key principles of patient-centred practice.

How Medical School Accreditation Can Hold The Key To Becoming A Doctor In The US

6th December 2022

This blog from SGU explains why the accreditation of a Medical School is so important for prospective students.

A Week In The Life Of An International Year 3 MBBS Student At UCLan

21st November 2022

Hear about a week in the life of a third year medical student at UCLan, including Med School teaching and clinical placements.


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