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Library etiquette

7 Library Etiquette Tips

12th August 2019

Love it or loathe it, you’ll inevitably spend a lot of time in the library at uni – whether you’re powering through exam revision, or just taking a much-needed nap. But going to the library isn’t as simple as you might imagine. There are codes, decimals, floors and shelves. And books. So many books. For…

Two medical students stand over a table looking at it together

In Clearing? Don’t Give Up Your Passion to be a Doctor

5th August 2019

As results season is upon us, a lot of students will have missed their grades and may become unsuccessful in securing a place at medical school. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic; there are other options still available to you. Clearing is a chance to apply for remaining places that universities have…

Doctors stand over a table

UCLan Medical School Insight: Questions Answered by UCLan Medical Student

18th July 2019

As September approaches the UCLan Medical School are familiar with the types of questions that are running through the minds of students. Whether you’re searching for a university, or waiting for your results, it’s an exciting and nerve-racking time, so that’s why we have teamed up with one of our second year MBBS students to…

Balance Social Life with Studies

5 Hacks for Balancing Your Studies and Social Life

15th July 2019

Whether you’re breezing through first year, stressing through second year, or 3,000 words into your dissertation (and counting), maintaining a balance between your studies and your social life is super important. Going out all the time isn’t healthy, but then neither is burning out from spending too much time with your head in a textbook….

What kind of learner are you

What Kind of Learner Are You?

10th June 2019

With ever-present exams and looming deadlines, it’s important to know what type of learner you are so you can devise a revision method that will work best for you. Scientists and psychologists have theorised many different learning models, including VARK. The VARK model theorises that there are four different types of learner out there: Auditory…

Nicosia Medical School Image 1

5 Things to Know About the University of Nicosia Medical School

15th May 2019

Many aspiring medics from the UK think about studying overseas. So – why not consider the University of Nicosia in Cyprus? The University runs a 6-year MD degree and a 4-year MBBS degree. Here are five things you might not know about studying at the University of Nicosia Medical School… Interested in applying? Applications to…

London Aspire, October 2016

4 Reasons to Come to TMP Aspire

14th May 2019

Want to study medicine? Applying for 2020 entry? If so, our TMP Aspire event is for you! Held at The Royal Institution of Great Britain in London, an organisation devoted to scientific education, this year’s event will be our most exciting yet! The event is packed with insight into the medical school admissions process –…

Nicosia Mobile Clinic

3 Tips to Balance Social Life with Studies at Med School

8th May 2019

If you’re starting medical school this autumn, you will no doubt have been told that the workload will be a lot to manage! So you may be wondering how you’ll be able to balance your course with your social life – without neglecting either. If you’re at the stage of choosing the medical schools to…

6 types of flatmate

6 Types of Flatmate You’ll Live With at University

2nd May 2019

Living in halls as a first-year student, or in a shared flat in second and third year, can be interesting, to say the least! You’ll encounter a variety of personalities and characters, as we’re sure you’ve already realised. So, how many of these six types of flatmates do you think you’ve lived with so far? Liberty…


3 Tips on Managing Your Money at Med School

1st May 2019

Having an offer from a medical school is a great achievement! You should be very proud of yourself that you have managed to go through the medical school admissions process successfully. It’s time for you to start planning ahead – and a very important aspect of your preparation is to plan your finances! Especially if…


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