20th November 2023
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Humanitas University has opened its registrations to its international degree courses for a new year of excellence. Read on to discover what they offer and join the incredible community at Humanitas!

The International Degree Courses

At Humanitas University we strongly believe in the importance of fostering communication between cultures.

Part of what distinguishes us is our dedication to sharing and integrating different customs in the campus: not only do our students come from more than 20 countries worldwide, with non-Italian students making up 40% of the university student body, but our professors are also ‘citizens of the world’. This means that our students can benefit from different medical and teaching approaches.

At Humanitas University we offer two international master degree courses: Medicine and Surgery and MEDTEC School, both held in English and lasting six years. At the end of the path, students will be ready to continue with their speciality school or residency programme in Italy or anywhere in the world, since both degrees are fully accredited in Europe and in many non-European countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, India, and many more.

Medicine and Surgery Degree Course

Our Medicine and Surgery Master Degree Course follows the structure of traditional theoretical classes attended by aspiring doctors everywhere in the world, but Humantias University offers an enhanced focus on practice with clinical and simulation activities.

The clinical activities start during the third year and are carried out in the Humanitas Research Hospital which has been recently confirmed as the best Italian Hospital by Agenas.

Our students are also required to practice in the Mario Luzzatto Simulation Center, which, at over 3000 sq.m., is one of the largest and most technologically advanced training centers in Europe.

The study course is effectively structured around the integration of theoretical activities with hands-on experience: after theoretical classes, students will shadow doctors in different hospital wards and deal with various medical cases first-hand in the safe environment of the Simulation Center.


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The MEDTEC School offers a unique Degree Course: it merges Humanitas University’s Medicine and Surgery Master Degree Course with the Politecnico di Milano Bachelor Degree Course in Biomedical Engineering, thus allowing our students to obtain a double degree at the end of the six years of study.

The course aims to teach medicine with an engineering approach that is intended to mirror the reality of hospitals, where high-tech instruments are becoming increasingly prominent. This means that MEDTEC students maintain their focus on medicine and patient care while also gaining a broader perspective.

The clinical activities in the Hospital and the practical activities in the Simulation Center are integrated with masterclasses from biotechnological and pharmacological giants, such as Medtronic and Johnson & Johnson, with the aim to bridge the medical and industry worlds.

Admissions Process

Students from all over the world can take the admission tests to get into one of the two courses; both tests will be held in English and online.

In order to get into Medicine and Surgery, candidates must sit the Humat admission test, which will be held on February 2nd and March 8th, 2024.

The Humat test is made up of two sections, and candidates will have 120 minutes to complete both:

  • Scientific Thinking (30 questions)
  • Academic Literacy/Critical Thinking (30 questions)

The MEDTEC School admission test will be held in March and April 2024 (dates to be confirmed), and is made up of the following multiple-choice questions:

  • Maths (20 questions)
  • Text understanding and critical reasoning (10 questions)
  • Biology (10 questions)
  • Chemistry and Physics (10 questions)
  • Technical-scientific culture (10 questions)

If you wish to join Humanitas University, register now for the admission tests for Medicine and Surgery. Registrations for MEDTEC admission test will open in December.


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