31st March 2023

Humanitas University, one of Italy’s best Medical Schools, aims to advance the medical world with its MEDTEC Degree Course, which is open for 70 students every year.

The MEDTEC Degree Course

As the medical world rapidly advances thanks to new technologies, the risk is to be left behind: this is why the priority at Humanitas University is to keep up with progress.

This is achieved not only by incorporating hi-tech in the Medicine and Surgery Degree Programme but, more significantly, by the development of the MEDTEC Degree Course, which merges Medicine with Biomedical Engineering. Its graduates will represent a new class of physicians able to master modern hospitals in order to connect two spheres of healthcare that have been parted for too long.

The aim is to ensure that these new doctors can gain competences and approaches relevant to the engineering field to apply in their medical career.

The six-year degree course, taught entirely in English, is organised in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano and allows students to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering in addition to a Masters Degree in Medicine.


Humanitas University MEDTEC School

Applications open for the 2023/24 intake

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World class education for the bright mind

In third year, students start their clinical internship in Humanitas Research Hospital, which is situated on campus. Humanitas is one of the most advanced European Hospitals and also a Harvard Case study due to being one of the most innovative hospitals in the world.

Here, students shadow doctors in the different departments and discover more about the specialties in order to make the right choice when determining their future career.

During the course, students participate in Masterclasses where they have the opportunity to face leading companies in the biomedical field such as Johnson & Johnson and Medtronics, and to learn from specialists who can provide them with examples from their daily experiences.

Alongside the clinical traineeship in Humanitas Research Hospital, part of the curriculum is undertaken in the Mario Luzzatto Simulation Center, a 2000 square meters state-of-the-art Simulation Lab. Here, students interact with high fidelity simulators in rooms that reproduce clinical scenarios, such as emergency rooms, operating theatres, ambulatories and surgical skill rooms.

This allows students to try first-hand the techniques and procedures they see doctors perform in the hospital and be more prepared once they finish their studies.

The admissions process

In order to be a part of the MEDTEC world, you first need to pass the admissions test, which is composed of 60 multiple choice questions to be answered in 100 minutes, and focuses on several scientific areas like mathematics, physics, and biology.

It will also be possible for second to final year students to take the admissions test – and while they will not be considered in the ranking of this year, their score, plus two additional tests taken in their final year, will be kept in consideration for the 2024/25 ranking.

The sessions for the 2023/24 intake will be held online on the following date: April 21st, 2023.

Looking forward to the future? Apply by April 13th in order to sit the test!


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