9th May 2023

Originally from Singapore, Maneesha Weerasooriya is a third year MBBS student at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in North West England. Maneesha tells us why she chose to change career from Nursing to Medicine and gives advice on how to use previous experience when preparing to start Medical School.

Deciding to become a doctor

I completed my Nursing studies in Singapore. I decided to be a nurse as I had a deep interest in caring for the sick and vulnerable, to be there for them when they needed aid. I enjoyed my time as a nurse as it gave me valuable experiences that I will never forget. However, there were situations I encountered that left me wanting to do more for my patients.

To me, being a good doctor is not about curing the patient, but about caring for the patient. Being a nurse has showed me the importance of spending those extra few minutes to hear the story behind each patient, and being a medical student has taught me about the significance of obtaining a complete history from patients.

Nursing equipped me with practical skills that made the transition to Medical School easier. As a nurse, I have seen sickness and how it changes the entire life of that individual and their families. I have seen their eyes brimming with hope as they consult the doctor and I have witnessed their tears of dismay when they learn their loved one has not made it through. Now, I would like to utilise my knowledge as a future doctor to make a difference in patients’ lives.


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Build your Nursing resume

Your experiences as a nurse are unique and valuable in your Medical School application.

  • Attend extra-curricular courses to boost your portfolio and your skills, because they will prove to be beneficial as a future doctor.
  • Take note of any clinical encounters with patients that were significant to you, as these come up as excellent topics to talk about in Medical School interviews.
  • Attend conferences and keep up to date with medical advancements and research.

Why Medicine, not Nursing?

The dreaded question that could be asked during Medical School interviews. Although it may seem daunting, the answer is simple. Search within yourself and ask why you would like to do Medicine instead of Nursing. When you answer this question, ensure you have an open mind about both professions as one cannot exist without the other.

Here are some top tips that I would recommend:

  • Speak about your experiences as a nurse and any situations in which you may have wanted to do more but were limited by your role.
  • Ensure that you show the interviewers the value of Nursing and do not discount it.
  • Reflect your desire to interact with patients and your love for Medicine.
  • Have a clear and solid understanding of both roles.

Is it easier as a nurse to do well in Medical School?

Nursing School prepares you mentally and emotionally for the rigours of being a doctor. As a nurse, you learn about the importance of teamwork and effective communication skills, which will help you shine when you attend clinical placements as a medical student.

Lastly, have faith. If you are an excellent nurse, you would make an excellent doctor as well. Take a leap of faith and choose Medicine if that is what your heart is set on.

For further information about studying Medicine at the University of Central Lancashire, visit the website or email: [email protected]


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