Reapplying to Medicine

Reapplying to Medicine – Maximise Your Chances of Getting In

14th August 2019

Not getting into Medical School can be a devastating shock for anyone and, as difficult as it is, you have to be able to move on from it in order to make your application stronger than before when reapplying to medicine. At the time of writing, these are the medical schools that allow students to…

A student resitting A-Levels

Resitting A-Levels – Maximise Your Chances of Getting the Grades

Whatever the reason, come results day, things have not gone the way you wanted which means that resitting A-Levels might be necessary. Don’t worry, you still have the chance to get into Medical School. If you had any offers, it’s important to ring up those universities and see if they will still let you in…

5 Tips for Preparing for Med School Over the Summer

10th June 2019

It’s hard to imagine a life without revision. Once exams are over, you’ll be faced with a gloriously long summer with little to do before med school starts. Whilst waiting for results, there are a number of things you can do to keep busy during the summer. Here are five tips to help prepare for…

The 6-Step A-Level Revision Method

6th June 2019

A-Levels are super tough, but thorough revision and understanding are key to nailing your exams! Here is a six step guide to revising a topic to boost your chances of exam success. Want to be kept up to date on clearing for medicine this year? Sign up to our newsletters here! 1. Know what you…

Revision Distractions

5 Tips to Avoid Revision Distractions

28th May 2019

Whether you find yourself fighting the urge to nap, watch kitten videos or catch up on your spring cleaning, procrastination is a foe that many students face. It creeps up on you and suddenly hours have passed and you haven’t even started studying. But fear not, if you feel like you’re not making the most…

5 Steps Last Minute Revision

5 Steps to Catch up on Revision Last Minute

23rd May 2019

So much to revise and so little time. We’ve all been there. Whether you’ve fallen behind on revision due to chronic procrastination or something totally out of your control, it’s fine. You’ve got this. Here are five top tips to help you complete your revision in time for exams. 1. Don’t panic It’s natural to…

Biology and Chemistry Revision

5 Biology and Chemistry Revision Tips That Really Work

21st May 2019

Stuck in a rut with your Biology and Chemistry revision? If you’re struggling to stay focused, here are five tips that really work and will shake up your learning… 1. Use flashcards for key processes and definitions Both Biology and Chemistry have quite a lot of processes and key definitions you need to learn. I…

Maths Revision Tips

5 Maths Revision Tips That Really Work

16th May 2019

Revising for your Maths exam? It can be hard to know how to revise Maths as it’s a tricky subject, so here are some revision techniques that I found really helped me at A-Level. 1. Go through your specification and highlight each topic according to difficulty Everyone will have different parts of Maths they find…

Staying Energised Exam Season

6 Tricks to Feel Energised Throughout Exam Season

14th May 2019

Study leave is starting soon and, across the country, students will be preparing for (seemingly endless) weeks of revision, followed by several more weeks of exams. With the routine of school and sixth form gone, study leave can be a tricky period to navigate. Below, I’ve included six tips to stay energised this exam season….

Revision stress

5 Tips to Beat Revision Stress

9th May 2019

Exams and revision can be a very stressful time for many people. With A-Levels approaching here are some tips that hopefully will help you to manage and reduce the stress during exam season. 1. Break down revision into manageable chunks I know for me one of the biggest things that caused me stress during exams…


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