Maths Revision Tips

5 Maths Revision Tips That Really Work

16th May 2019

Revising for your Maths exam? It can be hard to know how to revise Maths as it’s a tricky subject, so here are some revision techniques that I found really helped me at A-Level. 1. Go through your specification and highlight each topic according to difficulty Everyone will have different parts of Maths they find…

Staying Energised Exam Season

6 Tricks to Feel Energised Throughout Exam Season

14th May 2019

Study leave is starting soon and, across the country, students will be preparing for (seemingly endless) weeks of revision, followed by several more weeks of exams. With the routine of school and sixth form gone, study leave can be a tricky period to navigate. Below, I’ve included six tips to stay energised this exam season….


5 Tips to Beat Revision Procrastination

7th May 2019

Everyone no doubt at some point will have experienced procrastination – spending hours doing every other thing possible apart from the one thing you need to do. Particularly during exam season, it can be very easy to put revision off and off until you end up with very little time left to do everything. With…

A-Level Revision Notes

5 Tips for Making the Perfect Revision Notes

2nd May 2019

Well-written revision notes are the stuff of dreams. They condense a year’s worth of studying into succinct information-rich capsules that are easy and quick to read. Use these tried and tested tips to make your own perfectly crafted set of notes! 1. Understand the topic It goes without saying, but to make good revision notes…

3 As A-Level

3 Steps to Getting 3 A*s at A-Level

23rd April 2019

If you are aiming for high grades at A-Level to meet your med school offers, it can seem daunting and unattainable, but with hard work and organisation I promise it is achievable! I did A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and got A*s in all of them, so here is some advice from my experience….

A-Level Past Papers

4 Ways to Use A-Level Past Papers

18th April 2019

Love them or loathe them, Easter revision has begun (which means the summer is edging closer…) and your stacks of past papers are lying untouched. However, after endless mind maps have been created and notes have been summarised, using past papers are the best way to test your knowledge. In this handy blog, you’ll find…

3-Step Revision Method

The 3-Step A-Level Revision Method

3rd April 2019

Preparing for A-Level exams doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s so easy to feel bewildered by the tonnes of different techniques and strategies floating around. But here’s a simplified three-step method which will ensure you’re adequately prepared for those exams… Step 1: Condense the content Whatever your subject, the volume of A-Level content is vast….

Easter Revision

5 Things You Should Do Over Easter To Get Those Grades

28th March 2019

The Easter holidays are always a marker of exams looming over us – but there’s no reason to panic! Whatever stage you’re at, these two weeks are a great time to sort your revision workload out. It’s time forget about your med school application, put away any distractions and get ready to make the most out…

3 Tips to Stay Motivated for A-Level Exams

3 Tips to Maintain Motivation During Your A-Levels

26th March 2019

You’ve made it through seven years of primary school and now nearly seven years of secondary school. You’ve done GCSEs and your coursework – and this is the final hurdle where consistent motivation could be the difference between a good and a great grade.  Perhaps unsurprisingly it can feel like an awfully big hurdle to…

Balancing Coursework and A-Level Exams

How to Manage Your Coursework and Exam Revision

22nd March 2019

Managing to balance coursework, exams and applying to medicine is a big ask, but it’s definitely achievable – if you can manage this, you can manage medical school!   The good thing about coursework is that it’s for the subjects you already want to do well in for exams – so why not combine the…


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