5 Tips to Beat Revision Stress

Revision stress

Exams and revision can be a very stressful time for many people. With A-Levels approaching here are some tips that hopefully will help you to manage and reduce the stress during exam season.

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1. Break down revision into manageable chunks

I know for me one of the biggest things that caused me stress during exams was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of content to learn. However, if you break down all the revision you need to do into smaller chunks and work out when you are going to do it all, this can make it seem a lot more manageable and achievable.

Try to spread out revision over a longer period of time so you know you will have covered everything before your exam. Hopefully this will reduce stress and panic if you’re not having to cram everything the night before an exam!

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2. Allow time for breaks to see friends/ family and do other activities

When revising, make sure you give yourself plenty of breaks to do other things. It can be very easy to get caught up in revision, and feel you need to be working all the time, but it is so important to take breaks. It can be helpful to break down the day into three parts: morning, afternoon and evening – and ensure you always take one of these parts off.

Try to do things in your breaks that completely take your mind off exams and revision, such as meeting with friends. If you have extracurricular activities you love doing, don’t give them up in the build-up to exams. You need to have time doing things you enjoy, to give your mind and body a break from revision.

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3. Try to do some exercise

Exercise can be a great way to help reduce stress during exams and take your mind completely off revision. Whether it’s going for a run, walk or playing a sport, exercise is one of the best stress relievers and keeps your body healthy too!

Even if you aren’t a particularly sporty person or don’t enjoy exercise, going out for a short walk as a break can really help clear the mind and make you more focused when you get back to revision.

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4. Make sure you get enough sleep

This may sound really obvious but it’s really easy in the build up to exams to neglect your sleep. When you are more tired, you will no doubt feel more stressed and your brain won’t work as well so your revision won’t be as effective. Getting enough sleep during exam season is vital to help reduce stress and keep you motivated.

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5. Talk to others if you are struggling

Exam season can be an incredibly intense and stressful time and if you find yourself struggling, make sure you talk to someone.

Teachers, friends and family can help you find ways to manage revision and the stress that comes with it. Make sure you prioritise yourself and your wellbeing over exams and work.

Good luck!

Words: Rachael Foulsham

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