15th December 2020
Erum Ahmad is a third-year MBBS student at the University of Central Lancashire in North West England. Of mixed Indian and Pakistani ethnicity, she attended high school in Dubai, then came to the UK to pursue a degree and career in Medicine. Erum tells us about a typical day on placement in Women’s Health and Paediatrics.

6am to 9am

I kick start my day with breakfast and tea! I prepare myself for the day a night before, just to make things easier. Since I live in Preston and my placements are in Burnley, most of my early mornings go into commuting 40 minutes from home to the hospital I am posted at.

Top tip: You can always do small things such as filling in timesheets whilst commuting to save you time. You may also read around the subject before you start your placement as it may prevent awkward silences and encourage the Doctors to teach you more.

9am to 12pm

This usually involves sitting in with the Doctor at the clinics or shadowing a consultant, having theatre or ward rounds. You may also get a chance to work with many healthcare workers such as Midwives and Nurses. Ward rounds are a great place to get an idea of the kind of presentations you might see in that speciality. Furthermore, you always have opportunities to take blood or even take a history.

Top tip: Ward rounds are a good environment to understand how different multidisciplinary team members work together to provide care to the patient. This can help you with your reflective pieces.

1pm to 5pm

Outpatient departments are where you’ll normally be posted during the afternoon. The best way to get the most out of this is to identify how to diagnose and manage conditions based on the history provided by the Doctor.

Top tip: There will be mini time gaps before the patient arrives, where the Doctor quizzes you with many questions. Be interactive and make sure to get the most out of it as that’s the only way Doctors can teach in a very limited time frame.

For further information about studying Medicine at the University of Central Lancashire, visit the MBBS web page or email: [email protected]


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