UCAT Dates and Prices

Please note, due to COVID-19 the below dates are subject to change.

If you’re planning to sit the UCAT in 2020, you’ll want to know about UCAT dates and prices.

This page provides a list of important UCAT dates, prices and advice on deciding when to take the test.

It is important to be aware of dates so you can manage your application accordingly.

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UCAT Dates

Below is a summary of all the key dates announced by UCAT for the upcoming cycle. However, these are likely to change due to COVID-19.

Registration and booking:1st July 2020
Bursary scheme opens:TBC
Test start date:3rd August 2020
Registration and online booking closes:TBC
Bursary deadline:TBC
Final booking deadline:TBC
Last testing date:1st October 2020
UCAS application deadline:15th October 2020 at 6PM
Results delivered to universities:early November 2020

If you’re sitting the test in Australia or New Zealand, visit our UCAT ANZ test dates page.

When Is The Best Time To Take The UCAT?

UCAT has stated that “given uncertainty regarding the ongoing impact of COVID-19 in the UK and internationally we would advise candidates to test as early as possible.”

For many applicants, choosing whether to take the UCAT early or late in the cycle is a big decision to make.

Applicants may choose to sit the test early and get it over and done with. This leaves you with more time to focus on other aspects of the admission process, such as work experience and grades.

Taking the test earlier in the cycle also gives applicants more time to prepare for the BMAT, if they intend to sit that as well.

On the other hand, taking the UCAT later on in the cycle may give candidates more time to revise and prepare for the test. For candidates who struggle, this might help.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual student to decide that strategy that will work best for them, their learning style and their schedule.

Whether an applicant chooses to sit the UCAT early or later into the cycle, we strongly recommend registering early. Don’t wait too long, or your chosen date might be gone.

UCAT Price

The UCAT price for 2020 were announced as follows:

Tests taken in the EU between 1st July and 31st August 2020:£55
Tests taken in the EU between 1st September and 6th October 2020:£80
Tests taken outside the EU:£115


If you’re taking the test in Australia or New Zealand, you can see the costs below:

Australia or New Zealand:$299
Concessions (Australia only):$199


Where Can I Find UCAT Test Centres?

Please note: UCAT has stated, “It is likely that test centre availability will continue to be limited internationally; some test centres remain closed and where they can be opened, social distancing requirements are being put in place.”

To sit the test, you’ll need to register and book your exam at one of the official centres.

The exam is offered worldwide. There are centres across a range of countries, including the UK, France, Hong Kong, Italy and the USA.

In the UK, there are centres in a variety of towns and cities, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Southampton and Oxford.

The best way to find your nearest centre is to search on the Test Centre Locator. Before selecting one of the centres, you need to register for the exam.

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