UCAT Calculator

The UCAT Calculator plays an integral role when it comes to working out number related UCAT questions.

Whilst made to help speed up the working out process, if improperly utilised, the UCAT calculator may cause candidates to spend unnecessary time on a question. Considering UCAT is highly time-pressured, effectively using the UCAT calculator is in a candidate’s best interest.

This page will offer some methods and tips that will help you utilise the UCAT calculator when it is time to sit the examination.

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What Is The UCAT Calculator?

The UCAT calculator is an on-screen tool that is accessible to candidates who sit the UCAT.

It is a basic calculator that will allow students to solve numerical questions, particular for the Quantitative Reasoning and Decision Making sections of the exam.

The UCAT calculator is ideal to use for questions that involve lengthy calculations so that precious time is not wasted.

UCAT Calculator Methods

The UCAT calculator can be used in up to three different ways.

Using the most time-efficient method to operate the on-screen calculator will allow more time to spend on the questions themselves. Here are some methods to consider:

UCAT Calculator Tips

Want to practise Quantitative Reasoning and Decision Making?

Get Started With The UCAT Question Bank For Free

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