4th April 2023
Find out why it’s important to use keyboard shortcuts during the UCAT and discover nine UCAT keyboard shortcuts that you should know.

What Keyboard Is Used In The UCAT?

When you sit the UCAT test, you will have a desktop computer with a mouse and keyboard. If you’re most familiar with using a laptop, using a desktop keyboard in the test centre will feel quite different, so it’s important to practise with the right set-up.

You might be able to find a suitable keyboard for UCAT prep in a location like your school library.

Why Should I Use Keyboard Shortcuts In The UCAT?

Timing is very tight in the UCAT. You need to use every possible trick to save time and make sure you finish the test within the time limit. Running out of time and missing questions will really affect your UCAT score, which could in turn affect your chances of getting into Medical School.

Using the keyboard to navigate and answer questions is generally quicker than using the mouse – and on test day, UCAT keyboard shortcuts will help you to save valuable seconds.


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The UCAT Keyboard Shortcuts You Need To Know

Practise these nine UCAT keyboard shortcuts to increase your speed and prepare to ace the time-pressured UCAT exam.

1. Alt + N

Use Alt + N to move on to the next question.

2. Alt + P

Use Alt + P to go back to the previous question.

3. Alt + F

Alt + F allows you to flag a question so you can come back to it later.

4. Alt + C

Alt + C opens the UCAT calculator. Hit Num Lock to activate the number keypad.

5. Backspace

Pressing backspace when you’re using the UCAT calculator will clear all digits.

6. Alt + V

Use Alt + V to review all of your flagged questions.

7. Alt + I

You can use Alt + I to review incomplete questions.

8. Alt + A

Alt + A allows you to review all questions.

9. Alt + E

The keyboard shortcut Alt + E will end a review.

Practice Makes Perfect!

By practising the keyboard shortcuts we’ve listed above, you will be able to speed up your timings in the UCAT test. When you’re applying to UCAT universities, you need to ensure that your score is as good as possible to increase your chances of getting shortlisted for interview – so a few marks gained from being quick can really make all the difference.


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