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Biomedical Science to Medicine

While many universities offer Graduate Entry as a route into Medicine for students, few schools offer internal transfers from Biomedical Science to Medicine early into your degree.

This transfer from Biomedical Science to Medicine is highly competitive, but it can be done. In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the UK universities with a formal Biomedical Science to Medicine transfer scheme, those with a very competitive transfer scheme and other ways of accessing Medicine.

These are guidelines only and all information is correct at the time of writing – however, there is no guarantee of transfer to Medicine at these schools. If you’re unsure about the process, we strongly recommend contacting the universities themselves.

Biomedical Science to Medicine: Formal Transfer Schemes

The following universities have a formal transfer scheme from Biomedical Sciences to Medicine after one year of study:

University of Newcastle

Newcastle has a formal Biomedical Science to Medicine transfer scheme. The university considers applications from students who have completed Stage 1 of Biomedical Sciences to transfer to Stage 1 of the Medicine course. This transfer scheme is highly competitive – they offer up to seven places and you’ll need to fulfil the same criteria as the other applicants to Medicine.

However, they state on their website that you won’t be eligible for this transfer scheme if you’re studying BSc Sports and Exercise, BSc Food and Human Nutrition, BSc Nutrition and Psychology or BSc Food Marketing and Nutrition with Placement.

University of Leicester

The transfer scheme is a relatively new initiative at Leicester, and is available to students who have completed the first year of BSc Biological Sciences, BSc Medical Biochemistry, BSc Medical Genetics BSc Medical Physiology or BSc Medical Microbiology and want to transfer into the first year of the Medicine programme.

The university also state that students applying to transfer into the first year of the Medicine programme must meet the following requirements: you must have achieved strong A-Level grades (including Chemistry) and excellent grades in the first year of your Biomedical Sciences degree; you must demonstrate a strong commitment to Medicine (in the form of work experience and a strong personal statement) and must have sat the UKCAT. Leicester also stress that transfers are not guaranteed and that places are highly competitive.

University of Bradford and Leeds Medical School

The University of Bradford has a widening participation scheme which means that students who fulfil the widening participation criteria and have completed the Foundation Year or Year 1 of Clinical Sciences will be considered to transfer to Leeds Medical School.

Leeds offers 20 places on the Year 1 Medicine course at Leeds for the Foundation Year students. In order to be transferred, these students must meet strict academic criteria – but the academic section is based on performance in the Foundation year, not on A-Levels and GCSEs. Students are then ranked and shortlisted for an MMI interview.

Most students continue into Year 1 of the BSc (Hons) Clinical Sciences degree at Bradford. This is accredited by the General Medical Council (GMC) as the equivalent of studying Year 1 Medicine at Leeds, and so Leeds Medical School also offers another 20 places in Year 2 Medicine for first year students to transfer into (still reliant on academic criteria).

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester accepts a small number of transfer students (approximately 10) who have performed exceptionally well in the first year of their degree programmes in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Manchester. Details of this scheme are published internally to eligible students.

Biomedical Science to Medicine: Highly Competitive Transfer Schemes

The following universities do allow transfers from Biomedical Sciences to Medicine, but these are highly competitive and not a recommended route to Medicine:

University of Edinburgh

While you can transfer from Medical Sciences to first year Medicine, the university stresses that it’s highly, highly competitive – only three students have transferred in the last eight years, so it’s not a recommended route!

University of Plymouth

The university states that there is a chance of transferring from Biomedical Science to Medicine and Dentistry after completion of year one. However, they stress that this is highly competitive and there are only five places available each year.

Biomedical Science to Medicine: Other Ways To Access Medicine

These universities do not offer internal transfers from Biomedical Science to Medicine early into your degree, but do provide other ways of studying Medicine after completing a Biomedical Sciences degree. This list is not exhaustive – many universities provide Graduate Entry Medicine programmes, which you can see here.

University of Sussex

Sussex state that students who have completed the third year of their Biomedical Sciences degree are eligible for their Guaranteed Interview Scheme (not a transfer) for Medicine at Brighton and Sussex Medical School provided they meet the following criteria: an excellent academic record in your first year of Biomedical Sciences and A-Level grades (they require three As, to include Biology and Chemistry).

St. George’s, University of London

Students can transfer from Biomedical Science to Medicine after completing the full three years of their degree, passing an interview and achieving a 2:1 (Hons) as their final classification. They can then transfer into Year 2 of the Graduate Entry Medicine programme.

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