29th October 2021
More applicants, grade inflation and deferrals could all add up to increased competition and fewer offers available for 2022 entry Medicine. Our Head of Academia, Simon Pedley, explains what this means for your interview prep or future UCAS applications.

Why Is There Extra Pressure On Medicine Places?

Last year there was a 21% increase in students applying for Medicine compared to the previous year. Now, signs are pointing towards even more applicants for 2022 entry, with a 9% increase in the number of candidates who sat the UCAT.

This is exacerbated further by the fact that many 2022 places have already been allocated to students who were asked to defer their studies for a year. This happened after a record number of students met the grade requirements of their offer for 2021 entry and were encouraged to postpone enrolment.

Those who didn’t defer were offered places at alternative Medical Schools via a new brokerage system


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How Does This Affect My Chances Of Getting An Offer?

There are currently no signs that the Government will lift the cap on Medicine and Dentistry places again for 2022 entry. 

With only a fixed number of places available, and some of those already guaranteed for students who deferred from 2021, this means that Med Schools could make fewer offers after interviews. 

Your performance at interview is always an important part of the application process – and this year it could be more important than ever. 

How Can I Improve My Interview Performance?

You should do everything you can to get prepared and ensure you stand out from the crowd at interview.

Your interview preparation should include: 


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What Should I Do If I Don’t Get An Offer?

If you don’t get an offer for Medicine, there are other options you could consider. For example:


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