10th August 2021
Last week the government announced additional Medicine and Dentistry places for 2021 – and today, details of how this will work have been published. Simon Pedley, Head of Academia, explains more.

What Happened To Medicine And Dentistry Places?

The government updated the cap on Medicine and Dentistry places in England for 2021, funding up to 9,000 places this year. It was done after it became clear that this year would see a record number of students qualify for their firm or insurance places on A-Level results day.

Who Are The Places For?

These additional places are only for students who met the conditions of their offer and hold a firm or insurance offer with a university that has pressure on places.

How Will The Places Be Allocated?

A new brokerage system has been created to make sure that anyone who met the conditions of their offer can still study Medicine or Dentistry.

Students who need to move Medical Schools will receive a £10,000 incentive payment.

We’ll update this blog when more details are released about how the brokerage system will work, and how the payments will be made.


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Why Did This Happen?

It’s been a record-breaking year for A-Level results, with 45% of entries getting A or A* grades and 91% of people securing a spot at their first choice university.

That translates to a 23% increase in the number of people who have qualified for a place to study Medicine and Dentistry compared with last year. In real numbers, it means 1,600 more people than last year.

“This year, we have seen applications to medicine courses rise by 20%, and many more applicants have met the terms of their offers than forecast,” explained Professor Malcolm Reed, Co-Chair of the Medical Schools Council.

“Medical Schools recognise the need to bolster the future NHS workforce and by supporting this brokerage programme have committed to ensuring that expansion considers the need to maintain high quality Medical education and training for all future Doctors.”


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