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14th October 2020
With social distancing measures in place due to COVID-19, you’re likely to find your medical school interview takes place digitally.

Most Medical Schools use MMIs during the interview stage. As face-to-face MMIs do not allow for adequate social distancing, these are also likely to go ‘virtual’. In fact, many medical schools are already making the switch to online interviewing to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Which Medical Schools Are Interviewing Online?

The Medical Schools that have confirmed they’ll interview online are:

  • University of Aberdeen is interviewing online for 2021 entry
  • Anglia Ruskin University will interview online. They say: “for the 2021 cycle, we’ll be running all of our interview days remotely, but still following the MMI format. You’ll be invited to a ‘preparation session’ in the week prior to your interview, to ensure you are able to access the platform and are comfortable with the technology that you will be using.”
  • Aston University told us they plan to conduct MMIs online this year, and are working on updating their webpages with this information.
  • BARTS (Queen Mary University of London) clarified that although interviews normally take place at the Whitechapel campus between January and March, for 2021 entry these will be held online.
  • Brunel University will be using Zoom for its online MMIs.
  • University of Birmingham is also interviewing online and has updated the MMI format so that it works online. There is extensive information on its website about the changes.
  • Brighton & Sussex Medical School will interview online in January, via Zoom. There are still a few details to be ironed out and a few test events to be carried out, but BSMS  are confident that they will be able to deliver their MMIs with very little or no problems. They plan to liaise closely with all applicants who are invited to interview to ensure that everyone has access to a suitable device, adequate wi-fi and a quiet space to be interviewed in.
  • Bristol will hold all interviews virtually this year.
  • University of Buckingham told us they will be conducting Digital MMIs.
  • Cambridge is making plans to interview applicants this year without requiring them to travel to Cambridge in December. Further details will be announced about alternative arrangements in due course.
  • Cardiff University told us they are looking to do MMIs virtually, but the format isn’t yet confirmed.
  • University of Dundee will conduct online interviews for 2021 entry, and they’ll use Blackboard Collaborate.
  • Kent and Medway Medical School told us: “We will be running MMIs in 2021 with a preference for in-person attendance, but we will provide virtual MMIs particularly for applicants who live abroad or are self-isolating. If the public health situation does not allow in-person attendance, we will shift to a virtual model.”
  • Norwich (UEA) also confirmed their interviews will be held virtually.
  • University of Edinburgh is still working on the details of their interviews – but told us that they will aim to offer virtual interviews that maintain the format used last year: three interview stations and a group exercise.
  • University of Exeter told us they “will be conducting interviews for the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery programme online/virtually. We are not sure exactly how these will run at the moment, but it will still be MMI. Information will be on our web pages in due course.”
  • University of Glasgow told us that they’ll conduct interviews virtually in December.
  • Hull York Medical School will be doing digital MMIs during December and January. If you are invited to interview, you’ll also be invited to attend a virtual pre-briefing session so they can explain how this will work.
  • Imperial College London has confirmed that they’re moving to digital interviews. They told us they will keep this as close to the MMI format as possible, adding that “further information on what the interview process will look like and how it will be managed will be made available on the course website as soon as it has been finalised.”
  • Keele University says that “for 2021 it will be necessary to hold interviews online. Applicants who are offered an interview will be asked to select a morning or afternoon session and will have two separate 15-minute interviews; you will have two interviewers in each of the 15-minute interviews, so you will be interviewed by four different people.”
  • King’s College London also told us that they’ll be interviewing online this year.
  • Lancaster Medical School told us that although they would prefer to hold interviews in-person, “at this stage it’s uncertain how the pandemic will progress over the coming months and we are unable to confirm if the interviews will be held on campus or remotely”. They added that they’ve already held remote MMIs so they’re confident if they need to be done virtually. More information will be added to their website.
  • University of Leeds said the decision hasn’t been made, but online interviews are likely.
  • Leicester Medical School has confirmed that interviews will be virtual.
  • The University of Manchester told us that interviews for 2021 entry will be held online.
  • Newcastle University also confirmed they’re planning to run interviews online this year
  • Oxford said that admission for the next academic cycle will take place in December 2020. All medical school interview advice on the university website is still applicable for online interviews. Information concerning the technology that will be used will be released soon.
  • University of Plymouth is also moving interviews online. They said: “this means that the interview structure may differ from our standard Multiple Mini Interview format, however, we will send applicants who are invited to complete an interview process all of the required information in advance”.
  • Sheffield typically uses the MMI format for interviews, but this year an online panel-based interview will be used instead. Approximately 1,050-1,150 applicants will be interviewed, taking place between November 2020 and February/March 2021.
  • Southampton will be holding their selection day online for 2021 entry and will take place between January and March 2021. Details about the selection day will be updated on the university website.
  • St. Andrews will be conducting interviews online using Microsoft Teams. Additional information will be given to applicants who are successful in being invited to an interview.
  • St. George’s, University of London told us they’ll be doing their Medical School interviews online for 2021 entry. We’ve also updated our tips for how to prepare for a St George’s interview.
  • Sunderland state that for 2021 entry, MMIs will take place on Microsoft Teams. How the format of each station will vary, and can be found on the university website.
  • Swansea University also confirmed their interviews will be held online, via Zoom.
  • UCL told us: “We will be holding the panel interviews remotely. Our website will be updated shortly with this information and further details will be provided later in the cycle.”
  • University of Central Lancashire confirmed that interviews will be done remotely and that more details will be given once you’ve been shortlisted for interview.
  • Warwick confirmed they will run their selection process virtually this year.

Are Your Ready For Online Interviews?

MMI Circuits & Doctor-Delivered Strategy Courses - now live online

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Are Any Medical Schools Not Interviewing Online?

A few Medical Schools told us that they hadn’t made a decision yet – but we’ll keep checking, and update the list above once we get confirmation of online interviews.

It is possible that some may choose to hold face-to-face interviews, but this seems less likely.

Since the majority of Med Schools are interviewing online, our advice would be to prepare yourself for a virtual interview.

How Can I Prepare For Online Med School Interviews?

Online interviews will require you to consider many of the same things you would for an in-person interview.

For example, have you dressed appropriately? Does your body language demonstrate you are attentive and interested? Although you are behind a camera screen, don’t forget that admission tutors will still be able to see you!

Some universities have offered us a glimpse into what to expect:


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